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One of the most valuable rooms in the house is now the rumpus room. This versatile extra space will not only make your house more livable – it can also add value. Here are creative ways to create a space that can change with your family’s needs.

Look at any floorplan for display homes these days and you’ll notice they all have one thing in common, aside from the ever-popular open plan living, kitchen, dining area. They’ll all include a rumpus room as an extra feature. Sometimes this will alternately be called a media room but in a family home, it’s pretty guaranteed whatever this extra space is labelled, it’ll no doubt be dominated by kids as their own chill-out space.

Having an extra living area these days is now a valuable commodity. "For starters, it increases the longevity of the home," says State Custodians general manager Joanna Pretty. "If kids have their own area, the house will feel much more livable for longer and less cramped as both adults and kids will have their own areas to retreat to. This is particularly important with adult children now living at home much longer than in years gone past."

Over time the room will be able to adapt with a family’s changing needs. It can be used as a play area, homework space, teenagers retreat, study or guest bedroom. Eventually when kids leave home, it can then be turned into a dedicated extra bedroom which can add tens of thousands of dollars in value.

This 'Peonies & Butterflies' design will transform your child's bedroom to a magical wonderland with large floral wall stickers. Image from The Wall Sticker Company.

So, if you can market your home a “three bedroom with rumpus room” your house will have a huge amount of appeal to the family buyer market. If you’re looking to create a versatile kids’ room, consider these tips.

Clear the area and maintain it

  • A kids’ play area should primarily be for play – not for stashing all kinds of clutter. A doll’s house sitting forlornly amongst the vacuum cleaner and a bunch of dusty exercise equipment won’t be appealing to any child. Remember, you are creating this area so your children look forward to spending a lot of time in there. Store all your bits and bobs in sheds and elsewhere. Once your child has moved their belongings in you will need to go through their stuff regularly and cull anything they no longer need, otherwise the area might start resembling a landfill!

Add colour and design

  • Children are drawn to light, bright colourful spaces. But as the room’s purpose will change over time, try to steer clear of painting the walls zany colours with childish motifs. Instead opt for a neutral white then add colourful artworks, removable decals and curtains. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on décor, buy some inexpensive frames and frame your kids' artwork, pages from books, or print out inspirational or fun words from your computer.

Fresh white built-in cabinets are offset by a modern color palette in this cool craft and homework room. Image from Martha O’Hara Interiors.

Ensure there is good storage space

  • It’s vital that every rumpus area has enough easily accessible storage space for kids’ toys, books and bits and pieces. Kids don’t mind mess, but sometimes things can get too messy – even for them! A cube shelving unit that can hold up to a dozen cube boxes is a great investment. Encourage your child to tidy up now and then so their toys will be stored away safely and less likely to create paint and floor damage. Also include a bookshelf, small table, chairs and comfy lounging areas.

Choose durable, double-duty furniture

  • If you are using this area as a guest room as well, a day bed or sofa that also doubles as a fold out bed is a great investment. Plus, a desk that may be initially used as a play area can also become a good place for kids to do homework as they age. Furniture with hidden storage compartments such as ottomans will also help control the mess.

Add a powder room

  • To create even more value, if there is room, consider adding a small powder room or ensuite adjoining this space. Kids and guests will have the privacy of their own bathroom area which will make it even more practical and valuable.

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