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A friend or family member is the proud owner of a new house, so how can you celebrate this with them? By getting them a housewarming gift.

But instead of being the third person to get them a juicer, think outside the box and find something different that they will enjoy. We have listed a few unique ideas below to get you started.

Helpful hamper

  • A helpful hamper is a great idea for people who are planning to renovate the property they have just bought. Fill up the hamper with paint brushes, paint supplies, nails, tools or any other useful items you can think of.

  • Another great idea is to create a safety hamper. Most people who are moving into their new home (especially those who are moving out for the first time) probably haven’t thought of safety essentials. Include things like a first aid kit, smoke alarm reminders etc that they may not have thought of.


  • Plants may be a popular option as a housewarming gift, but you need to think about whether the new owners actually have green thumbs and whether they will spend the time looking after these plants.

  • A good idea is to plant herbs into a pot so that they can use them for cooking. Oregano, mint and thyme are just a few herbs that last for a long time and are useful herbs. Don’t forget to dress up the pots with a bit of paint or something similar so that your friends/family can display them proudly in their kitchen.

Welcome mat

  • It’s one of the first things people see when they come to your front door, so why not give a stylish welcome mat as a housewarming present?

  • A few years ago, most welcome mats were dull straw mats, however now there are different modern designs to suit all tastes. Head down to your local hardware store and see what they have to offer. IKEA also has a range of stylish, modern welcome mats. However, the internet is a great place to find some unique ideas.

Help gift cards

  • Moving into a new house can be stressful and new owners may not always want to ask others for help, even if they need it.

  • So, consider hand making some ‘help gift cards’ where you could offer to help unpack, take the kids for a day or two, help organise dinner etc. This is a great option if you are a bit tight on money or you simply don’t know what to buy the new owners for their home.

Get to know the neighbourhood

  • If the owners have moved to a new area that they don’t know, give them a gift to help them get to know the area better. For example, you could give them a voucher to a local restaurant, theatre or even a gift voucher for the closest shopping centre.

  • These vouchers will help get your giftee out of the house and exploring the area around them. This gift idea is great for those who already have everything for their house.

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