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Outdoor entertaining is a popular past time for many Australians and has become a part of our lifestyle. Renovating the outdoor living area is also a great way to boost the property’s value if you decide to sell it or rent it out.

So how can you enhance your outdoor living area to not only improve your lifestyle, but also boost the value of your property? Listed below are just a few ways to do so.

Living area design

  • Having a warm and inviting outdoor area can make all the difference when entertaining family and friends. A covered area, whether it is a patio or deck, can cater for year-round entertaining. Even though winter is almost over, installing patio heating and adjustable screens can help shield the chilly night time wind.

    An outdoor kitchen area can add extra 'wow' to the outdoor living space. A drinks fridge, BBQ, benches and sink can let you prepare the food outside with the rest of the group.


  • Is the landscape you currently have appealing? Is it easy to maintain? These are the two main questions you should ask yourself before re-designing. Even though you may want to create an amazing, eye-catching garden, how much effort are you/a renter/a potential buyer going to put in to maintaining it? Less watering, weeding and pruning means there is more time to enjoy the property. Substitutes such as pebbles and stones can help cut down on grass and plants, but still make the area look smart. An irrigation system can also help keep the lawn and garden looking green with minimal effort.

Eye-catching feature

  • Having a focal point in the backyard cannot only help create talking points with your guests, but it can take the attention away from any other not-so-appealing features in your property. Features such as swimming pool, spa, water feature or garden feature are just some examples. But once again, you will need to think about the maintenance aspect for some of these features. If you decide to install a swimming pool or spa, it will need regular cleaning. If you are renovating an investment property, you may find that some renters/buyers will not be willing to pay extra for these add-ons.

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