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Improving the first impression appeal does not necessarily require a complete makeover that will break the bank. There are simple and cost-effective changes you can make.

Take a look at the list we have collated below for inspiration.

1. Letterbox make over

The letterbox should express the style and personality of the house. It is easy to dress up you letterbox by adding a coat of paint that matches the rest of the house or adding in a surrounding garden.

2. Bold house numbers

If the house numbers are not prominently displayed, potential buyers could possibly drive right by your house. If your house numbers are looking a bit old or faded, consider upgrading to something more modern such as stainless steel or brass numbers.

3. Paint the front door

The front entry is one of the main focal points and by giving the front door a fresh coat of paint, it will help make the area look neat, tidy and attractive. A bright colour, such as red, can also make a statement and help your property stand out.

4. Add a bright accent

Something as simple and small as a red bench or a red door can be a great eye catcher. It is something different, but not too out there to help attract the attention of those walking or driving past and it also gives the front yard a bit of personality.

5. Replace the driveway and paths

It is possible to fix cracks and stains without doing a complete redo. But it is important to fix these problems before the driveway falls apart. Speak with an expert at your local hardware store about what products would be best for your type of driveway.

6. Match plantings to your house style

It is important to consider what type of plants would complement the style of the house, particularly when it comes to colour combinations. For example, a blue house feels calm and collected accented by a collection of purple, pink, yellow, and white flowers. If you need help deciding, speak with an expert at your local garden store as they may be able to give you some possible colour combinations.

7. New exterior light features

Before selecting new exterior lights, you will need to consider the style and function of the existing lights you have (if you have any). It is important to choose a feature that matches the style of the rest of the house and is also able to adequately light up the front area.

8. Replace damaged shingles

You may not be able to see your entire roof from the front yard, but there is a good chance that people driving by can see it well. Damaged shingles could give the impression that the roof is unstable and can affect the curb appeal. If you are not sure how to replace shingles, contact a professional for their advice.

9. Add mulch to the garden

Adding a fresh layer of mulch to the garden will help brighten up your front yard and give the impression that they garden is regularly maintained, even if it doesn’t need it.

10. Add lights to your walk way

Adding lights to your walkway can both improve the artistic appeal as well as added security for those living there. If you are unable to install wired lighting, you could purchase solar lights which don’t require any electricity and are still attractive.

11. Edge your drive way

Some driveways can look untidy around the edges, so adding in a simply stone wall or something similar can help keep the driveway looking neat. You can also plant a garden alongside the driveway without having it spill over.

12. Power wash exterior of home

Just imagine how long your house has endured the unpredictable Australian weather without a clean. There could be a thick layer of dirt blanketing the house and you may not realise it until you clean it. Borrow a power washer to give the exterior a good cleaning.

13. Camouflage eyesores

Items such as electrical boxes, air conditioning units and rubbish bins can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb. So, how can you blend them into their surroundings? Items that are stuck to the side of the house such as electrical boxes) can be camouflaged just by painting them the same colour of the house. For other bigger items (such as air conditioning units or rubbish bins) consider putting up lattice screens that are the same colour as your fence to help keep them hidden.

14. Repair gutters

Having cluttered or broken gutters is not only an eyesore for buyers, but it can be a safety risk, particularly during bushfire season. Take the time to inspect your gutters and clear them of any leaves or branches.

15. Keep a well-manicured lawn and garden

It seems really simple, but it is one of the key things potential home buyers notice when looking at a property. Most buyers want to purchase a property that is already tidy so they don’t have to spend the first few days after moving in cleaning up the property.