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We all know that the festive season puts a strain on our finances and many resort to putting purchases on their credit card. So, how can you avoid this situation?

By planning ahead. Listed below are some top apps to help you do so.

Christmas budget

Enjoy a simple, stress-free Christmas with a well-planned budget. You are able to create a spending limit you would like to stick to, then distribute this spending towards gifts, decorations, food etc. You can create a list of people you need to buy presents for and also give them a dollar value. You are able to keep an eye on your budget to ensure you are on track. Get the app here.


Red Laser

This app allows you to compare different prices at different stores. You can scan the barcodes of different items in order to find the best price, you can search for products, deals and sales and also read reviews from other people on the products you are searching for. By planning your shopping ahead of time, instead of rushing out on Christmas Eve, you can find what you want at the best price. Get the app here

Elf Yourself

How much time and money do you spend on greeting cards to your family? It can be an unnecessary cost, especially when you have fun, free options to choose from. Elf Yourself is an app where you create a personalised video with your own photos. You can select up to five photos of yourself and your family to feature in this video and can either send it via email or share on Facebook. This is a great way to catch up with your family, but also make them laugh. Get the app here


This app has a range of features to help you gain control of your money. You are able to record expenses such as your household budget, costs for special events, work expenses and regular cash expenses, such as takeaway lunches, that you may forget to include in your budget. This is a great tool which will give you a good idea of your spending habits.

You are also able to create a spending limit, view expense history, add tags to categorise expenses and also create reminders for payments due. It is often the small, re-occurring costs such as food and drinks that can end up affecting your budget and this app will make it easier for you to track it. Get the app here.