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There are plenty of tools, resources and information available to property buyers and investors, but how do you know which ones are worth using?

There are plenty of tools, resources and information available to property buyers and investors, but how do you know which ones are worth using?

Smartphone apps not only provide you with the on-the-go convenience, but many of them are free and packed with useful tools. We have gathered our top apps to help make finding and managing your investment property a little easier. 


BMT Tax calculator
Do you know what deductions you can claim on your investment property? The BMT Tax Calculator app can give an estimate of potential property depreciation deductions in the palm of your hand. The calculations are based on data gathered from thousands of property depreciation reports completed by BMT Tax Depreciation across Australia. Get the app here.


Auction Help
If you are new to property auctions and need some help, this app is for you. You are able to calculate bid suggestions based on the current bid and your budget for that house. It can also give you a quick overview on the possible repayments based on your current bid and what the estimated stamp duty costs will be. You will need to work quickly if you are using it during an auction as they can move very quickly. You may find that this app can help during the preparation phase before you head out to the auction. Get the app here.


Property Investment calculator
Whether you are looking for an investment property or already own some, this app can be useful for you. This app can help you determine whether the property is a sound investment. It looks at the costs involved with maintaining the property and calculates the purchase price, interest rate, deposit, ongoing landlord costs, rent expenses, rental income and any government or council rates and having it on your phone means you can take it with you wherever you go. Get the app here


The Domain.com.au app is easy to use and has stacks of information about properties for sale. Not only can you search for properties and add the ones you like to a shortlist, you can also add your own notes and photos of a property and share this information with your family and friends.

You are also able to look at the market insights to see what other properties are selling for in this area and surrounding areas. The inspection planner is a great addition to this app as you can plan your day using the inspection date, time and directions. Get the app here.


Approve Me
This app is great for those looking to obtain a home loan. You are able to select the product most suited to your requirements as well as see the current interest rates. You are also able to calculate if you can afford the home loan repayments and even obtain an instant online pre-approval. This would be extremely useful if you are out house hunting as you will have an idea of how much you will be able to afford. Get the app here.