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Many investors choose to manage their properties themselves. Listed below are just a few apps that can help make it a little easier.

There are a number of reasons why they choose to do so. It can often save money as you do not have to pay management fees. It can also give you more control over what happens at your properties. Speaking directly to the tenants about any issues such as maintenance or rent may help build a stronger relationship between you and your tenant and avoid potential problems down the track.

Listed below are just a few apps that can help make managing your investments a little easier.

happy inspector

Happy Inspector

This app makes property inspections simple. It takes minimal set-up and allows you to run through properties and generate reports with ease. You are able to create customised inspection sheets to suit each property you on. The app also allows you to take photos of any damage and keep notes of inspection as well as keep track of previous and upcoming inspections.

renting smart


RentingSmart is a valuable tool for all self-managing landlords. It allows automatic rent payments with full integration with BPAY and bank transfers. It helps you to connect with tenants and tradesmen, provide leases, keep track of maintenance issues, expense tracking and condition reports.

pocket rent

Pocket Rent

This app can help you keep track of your communication with your tenants. This is especially useful if you have multiple properties as it can help keep track of any issues that may arise as well as rent payments. Pocket Rent alerts you if your tenants have missed a rent repayment. It can also alert you when other things require your attention such as inspections or the end of the lease period.

diy landlord

DIY Landlord

Have you considered being your own property manager? This app helps landlords keep track of their rental properties. Some of the features include: enter rent payments, expenses and run financial reports, organise property and tenant information, payment options and an overview of payments made and due.