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It’s no secret that New Year’s resolutions don’t always last. Every year, Australians make a promise to lose that extra weight, take up a new hobby or save more money, telling themselves that this year will be different.

However, out of the 50% of Australians who make a New Year's resolution, 88 per cent don't continue.

But with so many different technologies being introduced each year, it is becoming harder to make excuses for not sticking with your new goals.

Phone apps allow you to manage your New Year's resolutions in the palm of your hand and it is not hard to find a good app that costs less than a gold coin.

Coles & Woolworths App

  • Do you find that after grocery shopping, you often come home with more than what is on the list? These apps can help you to reign in your grocery expenses. Both of these apps can let you create a shopping list, search for weekly specials and even create a 'shopping trip guide' so you only have to go down the aisles you need to.

    You can even avoid the grocery store all together by having your order delivered at a time that suits you. It's the perfect way to avoid making unnecessary impulse buys. Click here to get the Coles and Woolworths apps.


  • This free app is great for anyone wanting to keep an extremely organised and realistic budget. It’s similar to the principal of people physically putting their cash into different envelopes such as one for utilities, one for groceries, one for entertainment etc. You can keep track of receipts, track bills, manage budgets and plan ahead. Get the app here.


  • This clever little free app is great for crunching exactly what you have in your bank account at any given moment. So in other words, you may have a budget outlined for a whole month. However if you’re keen to see how much you have to spend today, the app will automatically calculate your expenses and let you how much money you actually have available. Get the app here.


  • This app has a range of features to help you gain control of your money. You are able to record expenses such as your household budget, costs for special events, work expenses and regular cash expenses, such as takeaway lunches, that you may forget to include in your budget. This is a great tool which will give you a good idea of your spending habits.

    You are also able to create a spending limit, view expense history, add tags to categorise expenses and also create reminders for payments due. It is often the small, re-occurring costs such as food and drinks that can end up affecting your budget and this app will make it easier for you track it. Get the app here.

  • Use a calculator to get an estimate of how much you can borrow.
    Try one here.

  • See if you qualify. To get a more accurate idea of how much you can borrow with State Custodians,
    click here.

  • Call our Lending Specialists and they can do the calculation for you over the phone plus answer any questions you have at the time. Talk to us on 13 72 62.