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Whether it’s backyard cricket or a good old fashioned barbeque, as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, backyard entertaining is an Aussie tradition.

To make sure you are always ready for an unexpected visit from friends and family or for the afternoon tea which turns into an evening affair, there are a few things you can do to get your backyard ready, so you’ll always be prepared for entertaining.

Create an outdoor room

  • Summer is the season to extend your living space by creating an outdoor room where you can entertain friends and enjoy the warmer weather – day and night.

    After giving your outdoor area and furniture a clean, position your dining, lounge setting or other furniture to create an outdoor living/entertaining area. Add finishing touches like cushions, pot plants and lanterns for extra style.

    If you’re planning daytime events, think about using large umbrellas to create some shade for guests. On the other hand, consider solar lights if your gatherings are likely to continue after the sun goes down.

      HOT TIP:  Create an entertainer’s kit which includes games for the kids. Don’t forget about games for the big kids too – Finska and Bocce are always crowd pleasers!

Give your barbeque some attention

  • A staple for summer get togethers, it’s a good idea to give the barbeque a deep clean. During the cooler months it might have accumulated dust, dirt or creepy crawlies. Hot soapy water and elbow grease are an efficient (and cheap!) way to achieving a pristine plate and grill.

    Before you get cooking, it is essential you also check your gas bottle. If it appears damaged or rusty, you’ll need to replace the cylinder. It’s also a good idea to check hoses to make sure they are still in good condition; hoses should be replaced every five years. Here are some more tips on keeping your barbeque safe.

      HOT TIP:  A herb garden close to the barbeque provides easy access for adding flavours to your cooking or cocktails.

Create a garden that’s always ready to go

  • From pot plants to a full-scale garden oasis, here are a few tricks to keep your garden tidy, beautiful and always ready for guests.

    Look for plants which always look good. Talk to your local nursery about the best low maintenance plants for your local area. Consider show stopping flowers (for example Gardenias) or those that add a beautiful fragrance which helps add ambience to the backyard (for example Jasmine).

    With backyard sporting games a favourite past time for many, invest in outdoor storage to keep sporting gear and kids toys easily accessible. Not only will it help keep the yard tidy, but it means that (hopefully) you’ll be able to find the tennis ball when the cricket game is calling!

      HOT TIP:  Take a visit to your local hardware store and check out retractable hoses, so you’ll never have to worry about putting the hose away before guests arrive.

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