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It seems like Christmas was only a few weeks ago and now families need to prepare for another holiday with more expenses.

On average, Australians spend almost $3 billion on Easter. Around $1.2 billion is spent on food, $139 billion on alcohol and the rest on holidays and other associated things. This year around $200 million is predicted to be spent just on chocolate! This four-day weekend can have a huge impact on people’s budgets, especially for those who are still trying to pay off the rest of their Christmas debt.

So what can you do to keep costs to a minimum whilst still enjoying your Easter break with family and friends?

Fill up early

  • If you are planning to travel over the Easter break, it may pay to get organised and fill up early. Some petrol stations will increase the price of petrol during holiday periods as they know more people will be needing petrol, but there is still a way to find the cheapest petrol.

    MotorMouth is an app that will show you the cheapest petrol in your area. It can also give forecasts for your favourite fuel sites so you know what to expect over the next few days.

    If you do find cheap fuel, it may be worthwhile to also fill up a few jerry cans at the same time. Not only will you save money on cheaper fuel, but you also won’t have to visit the petrol station as often.

Never pay full price

  • It’s not a surprise that many companies increase their prices during the peak holiday period. Accommodation, transport and petrol often increase significantly and sometimes even restaurants will add on a surcharge. This can make your travelling budget a little tight, but there are ways to avoid paying full price for items. Take a look at our blog ‘Never pay full price again with these apps’ to see how you can save on accommodation, flights and more.

Reduce chocolate

  • Although Easter may not feel the same without chocolate, it doesn’t mean you need to go overboard.

    A lot of stores start selling their Easter eggs in January and often have sales in the months leading up to Easter. You can save significantly on chocolate if you keep an eye out for these sales. Waiting until the day before Easter could mean that you will end up paying more and there may not be as much variety available anymore.

    It’s also important to think about how much chocolate your kids really need. Some families swap chocolate for gifts that will last a little longer, such as pajamas or sporting goods. Then, they still have family activities throughout the day where kids can win Easter eggs as a prize.

Check up on finances

  • If you are not planning to go away this Easter, you may want to spend your time off checking in with your finances. As it’s now a quarter of the way through 2016, it could be a good time to review your financial situation and, if you’ve made new year’s resolutions, review whether they are still on track or not.

    You may find that your personal situation has changed since you made your budget and you could end up having more money to spare to pay off any lingering Christmas debt or put towards paying extra off your home loan.

    If you have been putting off checking up on your home loan until you have the time, the Easter break is a great time to start doing some research online and start making a short list of the loans and lenders you are interested in. You can also make some enquiries online so that when lenders come back from the Easter break, you can start discussing your options with them straight away.

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