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If you are planning to go away over the school holiday break with the family, you may have a never ending list of things you need to do and securing your home is one of them.

The amount of break ins can increase during any key holiday period due to many families going away, but there are some ways you can protect your home to avoid it being broken into.


  • Having locks on your door may not deter intruders completely. Deadlocks, however, can make it very difficult for people to break in. Make sure you get deadlocks fitted for both your doors and windows to make it just about impossible for someone to gain access and leave with your belongings. Also, it may seem obvious, but make sure you don’t leave keys in an accessible spot. If intruders manage to gain access by breaking a window or something similar, they can then use the keys to unlock doors and windows and remove your belongings more easily.

Organise your alarm system

  • Does your home have an alarm system? It may cost a little extra, but it can be worth it. An alarm system limits the amount of time someone has before the security company is notified. The alarm system may actually cause intruders to flee before they enter the property too. Even if you have pets in your home, most alarm systems will cater for this so that your cats or dogs won’t trigger the alarm every time they move.

Make it look like someone is home

  • There are a few simple tricks that can make it look like you are still living in the property, even when you aren’t. Some tricks may include: leave lights on a timer, put your TV on a timer, leave shoes out the front door and put sprinklers on a timer. Most intruders want to find a home that will have a quick entry and exit. So, if it looks like someone is home, they may decide against going in.


  • The more visible your home is from the street, the less likely intruders will break in. If your home is surrounded by trees, burglars may find it easier to break in as your neighbours probably won’t be able to see them.

    Also keep potential break in tools locked away. Items such as a shovel, ladder or other tools can be used to break in, so keep them locked away in your garage or shed.

Home and contents insurance

  • Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do to protect your home when you are out of town. So, to cover any damage or loss of possessions, make sure you have adequate home and contents insurance. The last thing you want is to come home from a relaxing holiday to find your most treasured possessions stolen from you home and not be covered by insurance to replace them.

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