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Forget minimalism, this year the hottest décor trends are all about maximising your interiors and embracing bold styles.

It’s fair to say that that 2017 was definitely the year of minimalism. Austere, pale, bare abodes, Scandi and Japandi dominated interiors trends as part of the world-wide de-cluttering craze. Whilst paring back is still big news, 2018 is seeing somewhat of a push-back to this with the rise of big, bold and busy interiors.

Funnily enough, maximalism is now a thing. But whilst it celebrates “stuff” it isn’t an excuse to get messy again – after all no-one wants to see all your old bills, dried up pens and piles of washing lying around!

Rather maximalism is the careful curation and artful arrangement of a lot of decorative features – entire walls filled with paintings, lots of ornaments, bright colours and loads of pattern. Other trends that are also currently dominating are the rustic urban tribe, colour-heavy boho and glitzy deco luxe.

For example, this beautiful living room above, styled by Sydney agency Brett Mickan Interior Design, seemingly has a lot going on, however everything is so carefully considered and arranged, that it still works superbly and doesn't feel "cluttered".

If you’re renovating, and are in need of some inspiration, have a look through our checklist of latest styles that dare to be different.


  • Think vibrant hues and wild wallpaper prints, layered rugs dressing up bare floors, tons of texture, and luxe touches of gold. Maximalists courageously douse their homes in color and patterns, preferring warm, inviting nooks over the stark spaces and make a feature of collectibles and things they already have – in fact, the busier the better.


  • Otherwise known as the ‘eclectic’ style, boho embraces the carefree, the relaxed and the unusual. Tones are warm - rich purple, fiery orange and electric blue often make an appearance. There’s also a mixture of patterns and elements which don’t always fit in a traditional way. Pieces from a home owner’s travels or history which tell a story are also a big feature.

Urban Tribe

  • This style fosters a connection with nature by showcasing organic, handmade pieces such as baskets, tables and pots made from raw, rustic materials such as timber, clay, jute, leather, fur, hides and bones. It also makes a statement with strong tribal accents – think bold patterns in shades of black, white or charcoal grey.

Modern Rustic

  • The key to pulling off this look is to select items that complement the home’s natural architectural elements. It’s ideal for homes which have exposed brick walls and raw timber beams. Items such as chairs, photo frames and lamps are usually in natural tones of brown and grey and are made from materials such as wood and leather with slightly unfinished detailing to mirror the home features.

Deco Luxe

  • Also known as Hollywood glamour, deco luxe loves drama and sophistication. The style embraces everything glitzy – we’re talking shiny surfaces, gold accents, mirror details, opulence, diamentes, sheen-heavy silver, statement designs and plush furniture. Invest in gold edged plates, amazing mirrors and beautiful glassware set against a sleek white or dramatic black backdrop.

French Provincial

  • An elegant style that has been highly popular over the years thanks to its air of sophistication and pretty elements. The base of white is highlighted with colours of lavender, grey, warm gold or soft blue or pink. It has a slightly weather worn, old world feel, so look for side tables with ornate edges, chairs with button details and elegant lamps.

Mid-Century Modern

  • This style broadly describes architecture and furniture that was popular around the mid-20th Century in the 1950s and 60s. Go for Mad Men-inspired pieces such as tables with tapered legs, and chairs featuring sculptural, organic shapes. The overall feel is clean and pared back, and colours can be bright such as orange, green and yellow.


  • The industrial look is currently one of the most stylish design styles around. With a blend of steel, wood and recent red-hot favourite concrete, it’s a strong look that fits perfectly into the modern age. The key to pulling the look off is to blend the look’s natural masculine hard edges with more feminine counterpoints and touches. Go for tables with metal detailing, or concrete lamps.

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