Renovating your house may be a goal however, insufficient funds may be standing in your way. That’s not a big problem when you have a lender like State Custodians Mortgage Company to come to

Renovation Plans
In this article we will examine approaches that can be taken for getting plans in place for your renovations. We would encourage you as well to consider the bigger picture as to what might be involved in your project. The eBook, Renovation or Construction is currently available for free here on the State Custodians Mortgage Company website. Click here to go to the download page.

Where do you get your renovation plans?
There are a number of approaches that can be taken in getting your renovation plans done. One approach is to start with the builder. Some builders specialise in certain types of work and they will take care of the entire project from A to Z including drawing up the plans, getting council approval and completing the job. When it comes to decks, pergolas and garages, if you want a particular type of construction, then it often pays to go directly to the business that offers that type of materials, etc. For example, if you want a room added to the back of your home and you have seen ones that you like advertised by a particular business, you would do well to go straight to them. If you went to an architect or building designer, they would draw up one made from standard materials, and it would do you no good towards getting a building permit for one with the specialised construction that you like.

Many builders don’t do the plans themselves, but they have someone that they have done a lot of work for that they can recommend.

If you have a ‘high end’ property and you have some dollars to spare, you would do well to start with an architect. Rather than just have something added on to your home, the architect is a professional who will cleverly design something that fits in and create something that will maximise the potential and give a sense of quality.

Meeting with the architect or designer regarding renovation plans
When you meet with the professional who is going to do the design for the renovations you would do well to clarify beforehand what it is that you want. Keep in mind that if you tell them you want to add a 4m x 7m family room with a pergola off to the side, that’s exactly what they will deliver. But if you are open to a variety of ideas to meet certain desires that you have, you would do well to set them out in a more general way. The best outcome generally doesn’t come from trying to tell the professional what the answer is. That’s why you hire them! You might be surprised what they come up with that you really like.  So you could give them a list of desires and requirements something like this:

  • We would like to modernise the kitchen. It’s a bit small and we would like a modern look and excellent functionality. We would like a double wall oven, standard size dishwasher, an extra-large gas cooktop and we would like a bench top area where food could be placed to serve people buffet style on occasion. We need a bit more pantry space that what we presently have.
  • Our family of five is finding it hard to find space to do things inside. We would like a place where we could set up a billiard table and at times have a ping pong table top on it. We would like to have a TV in that room that could be used in conjunction with a Play Station, and room to work out with exercise videos. It might get a bit noisy in there, so we would like to be able to isolate it from the rest of the house somewhat.
  • It would be good to have an outdoor entertainment area close to both the kitchen and the new family area. We would like to be able to entertain a dozen or so people, have the adults separate from the kids but close enough so that we would know if the kids were killing each other.

Naturally if you have financial limitations for your renovations you want to disclose them right up front. The designer isn’t going to necessarily giving you a price on the renovations, but it will give him or her an idea of how to approach the job.

With regard to the overall style or look, the designer will need some input. You can go for modern, classic, colonial or whatever else you can describe or you can just find some pictures of homes on the internet that have the general look of what you like. The designer will also need to visit your home to see what is already there so that the new work can be blended in with the old.

Adjusting the renovation plans
It would be a rare occasion where the architect or the designer will give you precisely what you are after with the first attempt. Some things you will like, others you will not. Share those things with them. After a few iterations you should have it spot on and be ready to start getting quotes for your renovations.

Renovation funding
It may be that you don’t have cash for your renovations. That’s not a big problem when you have a lender like State Custodians Mortgage Company to come to. Whether you need a full on construction loan or simply to refinance with a bit extra for more cosmetic renovations, State Custodians can help you. Give them a call today on 13 72 62.