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Whether you’re renovating a home to beautify your surrounds, or to sell at some point, the general consensus is that a fresh, simple style has the most universal appeal.

So forget the funky feature wall and eccentric splashback, an unfussy canvas anchored by crisp white walls usually provides the most versatile backdrop – and is often a look coveted by buyers. However fuss-free doesn’t have to be boring!

Given our hectic, modern lifestyles, many people are striving to create a sense of calm, order, light and space in their homes as a soothing retreat. There are several “simplistic” styles including 2017’s hottest new trend – Japandi – which you can aspire to when renovating.

Check out these five fresh, clean styles are timeless, fuss-free and incredibly stylish.



This is one of the popular new trends of 2017 which has been creating buzz. It basically incorporates the best of sleek Scandinavian and sophisticated Japanese minimalism. The palette is neutrally dominated. Floors, kitchen countertops, splash backs and bathroom vanities can feature white, blonde or black palettes in smooth finishes with a minimum of detail. Add unique textures like jute, concrete and cork for a Scandi touch, and style with simple floral arrangements like a single orchid, or bonsai tree for a more organic decor element, beloved by the Japanese.



One of the best-known and loved styles, Scandi combines functionality, comfort and minimal accessories. Defining features in key rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms are clean lines, blonde wood and white tones which reflect a lot of light. This is a good backdrop to dress up with neutral-coloured animal furnishings and throws and accent colours in metallic shades of rose gold, copper or yellow gold.



This is a specific style many are intrigued by, however it can be misinterpreted. Whilst a lack of clutter is minimalism’s main design principle, that doesn’t mean rooms need to be utterly bare! A few well-chosen simple, natural forms still need to anchor the room. Think solid surfaces, sharp lines, simple window treatments, and open plan spaces jazzed up with a few pieces of low furniture, and a cushion or two in black, white or pastel shades. Big no-noes include crammed bookcases and lots of knick-knacks or fussy points of interest.



This beachy, fresh look is inspired by airy fabrics, shades of blue and white, and surfside accents. It’s comfortable and relaxed, but also neat and practical. It often closely resembles The Hamptons style, which also goes for simplicity but has a couple of distinct accents such as shaker style kitchen cabinets, apron sinks, or more distressed window treatments, to mirror a rustic vibe. The furniture is usually in sun-bleached shades of light wood, accessories are often made from rope, and wall art commonly features the colours of the ocean.



Many people are drawn to this style’s modern, somewhat futuristic aesthetic. Sharp angles, geometric shapes, shades of black, and metallic finishes on items such as chair legs combine to make this a strong and not overly complex look. Chrome in bathroom and kitchen details and glossy, shiny surfaces such as concrete or modern cork flooring add to its sleekness.