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Would you purchase a property on Friday the 13th? The amount of importance placed on superstitions will vary from person to person, but these beliefs could affect the potential buyer pool.

Gathered below is a range of superstitions from around the world about the home.


  • Scatter coins around the living room of a new house to invite financial prosperity (Philippines)
  • Keep a figurine of a lion, tiger or dog at the entrance of the house to scare away demons. (Asia)
  • Feng Shui is used to attract the right balance of energy in the home. This is done by aligning rooms, windows and doors by placing furniture in specific locations.
  • Black ants in your home will mean you will become rich. (Philippines)
  • Bring a new broom and a loaf of bread when you first walk into the house to bring good luck. (Phillipines)
  • Paint your front porch blue to ward off ghosts. This superstition is based on the idea that ghosts cannot cross water. So, by painting the front porch blue, ghosts will become confused and won’t enter the home. (US)
  • Thursday is the luckiest day to move into a new home. Fridays, Saturdays and rainy days are considered unlucky. (India)
  • If building a new house, bury money into the foundation to make sure that the owner will never run out of money. (Ireland)


  • The mistrust of the number 13 dates back to the middle ages. British research by FindaProperty.com found that between 2005 and 2012, there were 43 per cent fewer transactions on Friday 13 compared to other Fridays in the month – so it’s not a great day for either buyers or sellers!
  • Having shoes on a table in your property will bring bad luck. (United States, United Kingdom)
  • The number four in an address is extremely unlucky as it sounds like death in Cantonese and Mandarin (China)
  • Bringing an old broom to a new house will also bring any former bad luck with you. (United States)
  • Leaving windows of your bedroom open on November 1st will bring bad luck as the dead run free on that day. (Spain)
  • Never sweep your home at night time, you’ll brush away wealth. (West Africa)
  • A house facing north will bring ruin to a family.
  • The number of steps in a staircase should be even. Multiples of three are bad luck.
  • Enter and exit for the first time through the same door, if you do so through different doors, it will be bad luck. (Ireland)
  • Bring your cat to an open home inspection and put him/her out in the backyard. If he/she comes running back quickly, the house is unlucky.

Whether you believe in these superstitions or not, you may have buyers who do believe and it may influence whether they buy the property or not.

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