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Whether you have been busy at work, had a full social calendar or just tend to put off Christmas shopping, it’s not too late to find the perfect gift for the important people in your life without spending a fortune.

From those who love sentimental gifts, to the obsessed, we have compiled some practical last minute gift ideas, you can pick up on the go, or make at home help you with gift giving this Christmas.

Make a donation

  • If you still are missing a gift for a final last few friends and family, you can always make a donation to a charity on their behalf. Whether you choose a fundraiser to support families celebrate Christmas, make a donation to an animal charity or support bushfire recovery efforts, there are a huge range of worthy causes to support this Christmas.

Make at home

  • While DIY may not be on your go-to list of ideas for gifts, there’s nothing more wonderful that receiving a present that is handmade, filled with love and a little bit unique.

    If you are feeling creative, why not grab some supplies and try your hand at these ideas.

    • Ready-to-bake jars – Fill a large empty jar with the dry ingredients from your favourite cookie recipe. You could also prepare a jar of your signature muesli or dukkha!
    • Body scrub – Make your own body scrub. Try a simple mix of granulated sugar, coconut oil and your favourite essential oil
    • Photo album – Put together a photo album that contains your favourite memories together
    • Bake! – Make some cookies or Christmas fudge as a tasty festive treat!
    • Beard oil – All you need is a good carrier oil (e.g. argan oil) and essential oils

From the stationery store

  • There’s nothing more personal than spending time with the ones you love, so why not turn that quality time into a gift this year! Grab some nice paper and get creative!

    It’s hard to come by someone who doesn’t remember lovingly putting together a personal booklet for mum or dad, full of priceless coupons such as ‘one neck massage’ or ‘one breakfast in bed’, as the perfect Christmas or birthday gift.

    The ideas are limitless when it comes to quality time, you could book a massage, or organise a night out to see a show, sporting match or concert. For the foodie why not have a day of café hopping and coffee sipping, or for someone who might just like to take it slow, put together a picnic and go for a bushwalk.

    There are many websites that offer experiences for purchase, or you could come up with your own adventure and make it personal by leaving a note in their Christmas card about what you are treating them to. For a gift with an extra special touch why not make it a treasure hunt, with clues left in their Christmas card to help guide them on the day.

    You can whip up your own coupon book and bring back some of those nostalgic memories, or even step it up a notch by making one using a free online design tool like Canva.

From your local garden centre

  • Buying some greenery is a great idea for something a little different. Whether you pop into your local nursery or find a sweet little florist who sells potted plants, you can always find the right plant for the right budget, that will brighten any room.

    The best news about buying a last-minute plant, is a lot of garden centres have late night trading hours, which means you can tick off those Christmas gifts, without having to forego everything else you need to get done that day!

Tech gifts

  • From smart home gadgets to fitness technology, there is always some new and exciting happening in the world of tech, which means you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to quickly finding a gift for the tech lover in your life. The good news is that there are so many stores that sell tech gadgets, making it easy to pick one up while you’re out and about.

    Why not consider picking up a virtual assistant (such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa), to keep your household organised and connected, a fitness tracker to help your loved ones achieve their 2020 new year’s goals or even a dog camera to make sure your four legged family members are always connected.

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