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The KonMari method of organisation can not only benefit your home, it can also improve overall wellbeing.

The world has been thrown into a decluttering frenzy; the KonMari Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" has taken the world by storm, encouraging home clean outs around the world.

There are good reasons to get on board the KonMari bandwagon. Research shows disorganisation and clutter have a cumulative effect on our brains. Our minds like order, and constant visual reminders of disorganisation drain our cognitive resources, reducing our ability to focus.

Clutter can also affect our anxiety and sleep levels and can make us less productive.

Check out Kondo’s top tips for clearing out the clutter in your home.

Store by categories, not by room

  • How often have you said or thought to yourself – ‘today, I’ll tackle the kitchen’ or ‘today I’ll sort out my bedroom’? Well, according to Kondo, we should be doing things differently.

    Rather than decluttering room-by-room, she suggests categorising your belongings and tackling the lot at once, so you understand how much of each category you have. Kondo has five main categories – clothes books, then papers, miscellaneous and lastly, mementos.

Sort through items one at a time, keeping the ones that ‘spark joy’

Pull out all your belongings, not just the ones you want to throw out

  • Kondo’s method suggests that rather than removing the items you don’t want, you should pick out the ones you do. This will help you to understand which items you actually want to keep.

    To sort through all your belongings, it helps to have them all in front of you, meaning that you have to make a bigger mess!

    Put your items in a giant pile in front of you and sort through them one at a time, keeping the ones that ‘spark joy’ and tossing the ones that don’t.

Don’t confuse mementos with memories

  • Many of us love to keep old birthday cards, Christmas cards and letters that we think have sentimental value, but that often means we end up with boxes and boxes of items that we don’t use. Kondo says that truly precious memories will never vanish, even if we discard the objects associated with them.

Make sure everything has its place

  • Kondo’s love of labels and baskets is unparalleled. When everything has its place, you aren’t tempted to just put it in a drawer and forget about it, and you always know where your items are. Using storage boxes, shoeboxes and baskets within your closets and drawers will make decluttering so much easier.

Store your clothes neatly folded upright

Don’t pile, store everything upright

  • Piles of clothes in drawers can often mean that you only find your favourite shirt when you clean it out completely, or you simply forget about all the items you own. Storing your clothes in vertical stacks so you can see everything will allow you to take inventory of your belongings every time and make an informed decision when choosing clothes.

If you decide to join the decluttering movement, it can be tempting to believe all items can have a second life. With charity bins overflowing with items that don’t ‘spark joy’, it’s important to consider which of your items can have a second life, and which should be considered junk.

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