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This series of articles and videos is here to help you work out whether renovation or packing up and heading elsewhere is the thing for you to do.

Is Renovation the Way to Go?

It is a big decision – and one with fairly significant financial implications – so you want to be sure you’ve asked (and answered) the right questions to help you determine the best way to go.

Because the topic of renovation does involve a lot of information I’ve broken it down into a number of different articles and videos. This also helps you to hone in on the information or topic that you’re most interested in.

In addition, we have also produced a very helpful eBook on the topic: Renovation or Relocation. If you are serious about the renovation issue, you definitely need to at least have a look at it.  Click here to go to the download page. By the way, it’s free!

Everyone’s situation is different – people have different home loan amounts, they pay different stamp duty costs, different real estate fees, their renovation costs will be different - but the methodology of crunching the numbers is the same. 

So, in this video series whilst I do use an ongoing example or Mr and Mrs Average (as if anybody’s situation is average), you will be directed to the same calculators that I’m using – so you can do exactly the same for yourself as I’m doing in the example.

Obviously if you are thinking about renovating or relocating – it’s generally because the status quo isn’t satisfactory.  The typical scenario is that the family has simply outgrown its home – perhaps there has been one more addition to the family than was previously expected or perhaps the home has been lived in for some time and you now feel the time has come to upgrade – either by renovating the home or buy purchasing a better home elsewhere.

Whatever the driver, even if its an emotional drive (that is – you just can’t stand living in the cramped area anymore – you are over it and you want that upgrade that you promised yourselves 10 years ago) – well you want to make sure that whichever way you go – it is affordable and a good financial decision. These videos are designed to help you allay those concerns.