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  • homes-green-bike

    10 spring gardening jobs that will add value to your home

    Homes To Love | September 2018
    Landscaped, well-presented yards are one of the best ways to increase the sale price of your home and attract potential buyers. Here are 10 quick spring gardening jobs that will instantly add value to your home.
  • moneymag-fake-fact

    Loan secrets exposed: we bust common mortgage myths

    Money Magazine | September 2018
    Are you better off with a packaged home loan? Should you pay your mortgage weekly or fortnightly? We sort fact from fiction on these mortgage myths.
  • lifestyle-couple-older

    How to get a home loan later in life | September 2018
    They say 50 is the new 40. However, when it comes to getting a home loan, 50 is well, 50 and that’s something lenders take into consideration if you’re looking to buy property later in life.
  • propertyupdate-lack-money-women

    Lack of money knowledge setting single women back

    Michael Yardney's Property Investment Update | August 2018
    Single women, and in particular single mothers, have cited poor financial knowledge as the biggest barrier to recovering from financial setbacks and challenges according to new research.
  • fiftyup-credit-card

    6 things you should never put onto a credit card

    FiftyUp Club | August 2018
    Credit cards can be pretty handy, but only if they’re used wisely. However misuse and abuse them, and they’re the scariest bits of plastic you’ll ever come across.
  • fiftyup-garage-sale

    How to hold the best garage sale

    FiftyUp Club | August 2018
    De-cluttering has been everyone’s mind ever since Japanese organising guru Marie Kondo urged us to consider whether a pair of old socks “sparked joy” in us or not.
  • house-price-falls-hurt-home-owners-looking-refinance-equity

    What does a buyer’s agent actually do?

    Homes To Love | July 2018
    A buyer’s agent is a real estate professional who can research and negotiate the purchase of a home on behalf of the buyer. They represent the interests of the buyer in a real estate transaction, as opposed to a seller’s agent.
  • house-price-falls-hurt-home-owners-looking-refinance-equity

    How to refinance when home values start to go backwards

    Domain | July 2018
    Falling property prices have prevented one in seven home owners from refinancing in the past, but if your home's valuation comes back lower than expected, it's not the end of the road.
  • domain-leichhardt-property-sold-renovation-construction-bricks

    A guide to last minute tax saving tips

    9Saver | June 2018
    The end of the financial year is almost here, which means it’s tax time once again. Check out these eleventh hour ideas to reduce your taxable income and maximise your deductions to make sure you get the most out of your tax return.
  • domain-leichhardt-property-sold-renovation-construction-bricks

    What you should look for when buying a partially renovated house

    Domain | May 2018
    A partially renovated home could be cheaper than one that's move-in ready, allowing homeowners to make modifications over time to personalise the property without the stress and expense of a major renovation.
  • couple-smiling

    The mortgage language you must understand

    The Daily Telegraph | March 2018
    BASIC home loan words including principal, interest and refinancing are leaving many Australians scratching their heads because they don’t understand their definitions.
  • suburb-house

    Why property buyers need to know about tax deductions

    Domain February 2018
    New data reveals three out of five people aren’t aware of one of the most lucrative tax deductions investors use to help make a purchase affordable.
  • aerial-roofs

    Dream home or dream burb - which would you pick? | January 2018
    Recent research shows that for most Australians, location isn’t everything and instead the majority of home buyers are searching outside of their dream suburbs for a more affordable abode.
  • couple-laptop

    5 steps to retiring at 55 | October 2017
    An early retirement is often considered the “holy grail” and a “fast track to endless leisure”, but with growing life-spans, is it really possible?
  • sleeping-hamper

    Are Australians too relaxed about their mortgages?

    The Real Estate Conversation | October 2017
    Australian homeowners might be too lazy to make sure they have the best home loan, and some might not even know what type of mortgage they have, according to two new studies released this week.
  • house-facade

    How does your home loan stack up?

    Homes to Love | September 2017
    Realising the Australian dream – buying your own home - is also potentially the biggest financial investment you will ever make. An investigation by Galaxy Research on behalf of lender State Custodians found that one in three home-loan customers are indifferent about looking for a better deal on their mortgage.
  • couple-painting

    Hopeful entry-level buyers look for help to quickly save a deposit | August 2017
    First-home buyers are desperately trying to find ways to save a deposit, and the old saying of don’t mix friendship and money isn’t stopping them.
  • man-house

    ‘Times have changed’: The surprising spots young Sydneysiders are moving to

    Domain | August 2017
    Many assume millennials are perennial renters lured to Sydney’s inner-city suburbs for the smashed avocado but new data paints a different picture of where our 25- to 34-year-olds are living.
  • building-construction

    Are Australians too scared to invest in property? | July 2017
    Australians are said to be in love with bricks and mortar but new research has shown that we are growing anxious about jumping into property investment.
  • house-small

    Foreign investors to blame for rising house prices?

    Yahoo Finance | June 2017
    The majority of respondents to a new survey believe foreign investors are the greatest factor pushing up house prices.
  • house-sold

    The six things Australians blame for high property prices, according to survey

    Domain | May 2017
    Property prices in the country’s biggest capital cities have soared over the past five years, but a new survey shows Australians don’t all agree on what caused the boom.
  • woman-umbrella

    Women must improve financial literacy to shoulder hard times

    The Real Estate Conversation | March 2017
    On International Women's Day, a new survey shows many women lack the financial literacy to cope with a major set-back, such as the loss of a job or a divorce.
  • yip-logo

    Majority of Aussies would turn their backs on the big banks during a crisis

    Your Investment Property | February 2017
    A new study from non-bank lender State Custodians Home Loans and Galaxy Research found that the majority of Australians would turn their backs on the big banks in the event of a crisis.
  • woman-draw

    Desperate home buyers are signing up to 40-year-home loans

    The Daily Telegraph | January 2017
    Young Australians are increasingly turning to 40-year home loans to crack into the property market.
  • man-cairns

    Cairns opts for shorter loans as 40-year options grow in popularity

    Cairns Post | January 2017
    Borrowers in Cairns might just be more savvy than the rest of the country with many opting to take on loans with shorter repayment times.
  • notebook-write

    12 things to do before applying for a home loan to maximise your chance of approval | January 2017
    Two questions tend to cause the most stress when looking for your new home: Will I get that dream home and will my home loan be approved?
  • man-ladder

    A majority of Australians are keen to invest in property | October 2016
    The continuous growth in the nation’s property prices hasn’t deterred potential investors with two in three Australians aspiring to own an investment property.
  • baby-fedora

    Do your children need a backyard?

    Mum's Lounge | September 2016
    The Australian dream of a big backyard for kids to play in is fast becoming out of reach for many families. However do kids really need a backyard to be happy?
  • house-lights

    How $1000 could add $100,000 to your home’s value

    The Carousel | September 2016
    Have you ever walked into a home, took one look at the teetering piles of stuff, grubby walls and ugly furniture and wanted to run away screaming?
  • girls-clothes

    How to make some money out of your annual spring clean!

    Kidspot | September 2016
    Spring is now in bloom which means it’s that time of the year to do the mother of all spring cleans and hold your own garage sale.
  • couple-keys

    7 ways to fast-track your way to a home deposit

    The Carousel | September 2016
    It’s one of life’s biggest financial hurdles – just how on earth do you save up for a home deposit when you’re renting?
  • seminar-expo

    How to turn your small business into a star performer

    Kochie's Business Builders | August 2016
    When Libbie Ray joined her husband Juston Prisuda’s creative audio visual production company in 2010 the pair had just one employee. Now six years later AV 24/7 is an industry leader...
  • woman-walking

    6 boxes you need to tick before you start house hunting

    POPSUGAR Australia | August 2016
    You've got your deposit and eagerly anticipate hours perusing Domain and looking for the perfect place to build that huge SATC-style shoedrobe ...
  • kitchen-mistakes

    Ultimate kitchen reno disasters: 8 easy mistakes to avoid

    Mum Central | July 2016
    The kitchen has well and truly become the heart of the Australian home over the past few decades and a major selling point.
  • couple-floor

    9 on trend ways to renovate your home in a day

    The Carousel | July 2016
    Although some home renovations can take a year to finish, conjuring up chaotic images of a dusty, noisy worksite, there are many improvements that you or a contractor can complete in just one day.
  • woman-dial

    7 things you should never put onto credit

    Lifehacker Australia | July 2016
    Credit cards can be handy to have — but only if they’re used wisely. There are certain things the average consumer should never, ever use their credit cards for. Here are seven major culprits.
  • sydney-aerial

    Sydney investors’ favoured interstate property play may be turning sour

    Domain | June 2016
    Most one in four NSW investors have bought an investment property in Queensland, leaving them exposed to a potential oversupply and price drops, new data shows.
  • couple-lift

    How to get a home loan when you have bad credit rating

    Kidspot | June 2016
    If you’ve got a bad – or even terrible – credit history, it doesn’t mean you’ll never own your own home. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • brown-interior

    Why winter can be a good time to buy or sell a house

    The F | June 2016
    Winter can actually be a great time for buyers to go house hunting. Although it's considered off-season, it could mean that you can find the perfect property for a great price due to less buyer competition.
  • kid-house

    Choosing an investment loan: Look beyond the cost

    Money Magazine, Real Estate Guide | April 2016
    Apart from interest rates and fees, features can be an important decider on which home loan to choose. State Custodians provides insights into the features investors look for.
  • family-papercuts

    Forewarned is forearmed

    Money Magazine, Real Estate Guide | April 2016
    Investment lending has undergone a radical reshuffle so it is important to do your homework before applying. State Custodians provides insights on what to look out for.
  • hourglass-sand

    How much can you afford: Do the sums first

    Money Magazine, Real Estate Guide | April 2016
    Before you start to look for an investment property, it is important to do the sums first so you know what you can afford. State Custodians' provides a lenders perspective.
  • property-clock

    Check the Property Clock

    Money Magazine, Real Estate Guide | April 2016
    Paul Ross gives a graphical explanation of where the capital city property markets are in the property cycle. Paul is the research principal at RESIMAC, the funding of State Custodians' home loans.
  • suburb-roofs

    The cost of housing in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

    Money Magazine | March, 2016
    Paul Ross looks at what is happening in each of these markets. He is the research principal at RESIMAC, the funder of State Custodians' home loans.
  • money-magazine-anouska

    2016 Cheapest Line of Credit - 6 Years in a Row!

    Money Magazine | January 2016
    Effie Zahos from Money talks to Anouska Linz from State Custodians about what makes our Line of Credit Loan a cut above the rest.
  • kids-tablets

    5 apps to help your kids become financially savvy

    Your Mortgage | November 2015
    Before smartphones and tablets, the piggy bank was the most popular for savings. State Custodians reviews a number of apps that can teach kids about saving and budgeting.
  • house-jenga

    Changes to Investor Lending: Questions you need to ask your lender

    Your Mortgage | August 2015
    Changes to investor lending may impact you when you refinance or purchase an investment property. State Custodians lists some of the key changes and questions to ask.
  • couple-moving

    Top first home buyer myths busted

    Your Mortgage | July 2015
    As first home buyers are reported to be struggling to enter the property market, State Custodians expells some of the common myths that may be holding them back.
  • smsf-borrowing

    The secret formula for SMSF borrowing

    AFR Smart Investor Magazine | October 2014
    The State Custodians' team has the expertise to assist with complex loan structures like SMSF loans. See how the State Custodians' SMSF loan measures up against the rest.