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  • The six things Australians blame for high property prices according to survey - May, 2017
    Property prices in the country’s biggest capital cities have soared over the past five years, but a new survey shows Australians don’t all agree on what caused the boom.
  • Women must improve financial literacy to shoulder hard times - March, 2017
    On International Women's Day, a new survey shows many women lack the financial literacy to cope with a major set-back, such as the loss of a job or a divorce.
  • Majority Of Aussies Would Turn Their Backs On The Big Banks During A Crisis - February, 2017
    A new study from non-bank lender State Custodians Home Loans and Galaxy Research found that the majority of Australians would turn their backs on the big banks in the event of a crisis.
  • Desperate home buyers are signing up to 40-year-home loans - January, 2017
    Young Australians are increasingly turning to 40-year home loans to crack into the property market.
  • Cairns opts for shorter loans as 40-year options grow in popularity - January, 2017
    Borrowers in Cairns might just be more savvy than the rest of the country with many opting to take on loans with shorter repayment times.
  • 12 things to do before applying for a home loan to maximise your chance of approval - January, 2017
    Two questions tend to cause the most stress when looking for your new home: Will I get that dream home and will my home loan be approved?
  • A majority of Australians are keen to invest in property - October, 2016
    THE continuous growth in the nation’s property prices hasn’t deterred potential investors with two in three Australians aspiring to own an investment property.
  • Do Your Children Need a Backyard? - September, 2016
    The Australian dream of a big backyard for kids to play in is fast becoming out of reach for many families. However do kids really need a backyard to be happy?
  • How $1000 Could Add $100,000 To Your Home’s Value - September, 2016
    Have you ever walked into a home, took one look at the teetering piles of stuff, grubby walls and ugly furniture and wanted to run away screaming?
  • How to make some money out of your annual spring clean! - September, 2016
    Spring is now in bloom which means it’s that time of the year to do the mother of all spring cleans and hold your own garage sale.
  • 7 Ways To Fast-Track Your Way To A Home Deposit - September, 2016
    It’s one of life’s biggest financial hurdles – just how on earth do you save up for a home deposit when you’re renting?
  • How to turn your small business into a star performer - August, 2016
    When Libbie Ray joined her husband Juston Prisuda’s creative audio visual production company in 2010 the pair had just one employee. Now six years later AV 24/7 is an industry leader...
  • 6 Boxes You Need to Tick Before You Start House Hunting - August, 2016
    You've got your deposit and eagerly anticipate hours perusing Domain and looking for the perfect place to build that huge SATC-style shoedrobe . . .
  • 8 Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Should Avoid and Why - July, 2016
    The kitchen has well and truly become the heart of the Australian home over the past few decades and a major selling point.
  • 9 On Trend Ways To Renovate Your Home In A Day - July, 2016
    Although some home renovations can take a year to finish, conjuring up chaotic images of a dusty, noisy worksite, there are many improvements that you or a contractor can complete in just one day.
  • 7 Things You Should Never Put Onto Credit - July, 2016
    Credit cards can be handy to have — but only if they’re used wisely. There are certain things the average consumer should never, ever use their credit cards for. Here are seven major culprits.
  • Sydney investors’ favoured interstate property play may be turning sour - June, 2016
    Most one in four NSW investors have bought an investment property in Queensland, leaving them exposed to a potential oversupply and price drops, new data shows.
  • How to get a home loan when you have bad credit rating - June, 2016
    If you’ve got a bad – or even terrible – credit history, it doesn’t mean you’ll never own your own home. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Why winter can be a good time to buy or sell a house

    THE F - June, 2016
    Winter can actually be a great time for buyers to go house hunting. Although it's considered off-season, it could mean that you can find the perfect property for a great price due to less buyer competition.
  • Choosing an Investment Loan: Look Beyond the Cost

    Money Magazine - Real Estate Guide - April, 2016
    Apart from interest rates and fees, features can be an important decider on which home loan to choose. State Custodians provides insights into the features investors look for.
  • forewarned forearmed

    Forewarned is Forearmed

    Money Magazine - Real Estate Guide - April, 2016
    Investment lending has undergone a radical reshuffle so it is important to do your homework before applying. State Custodians provides insights on what to look out for.
  • how much can you afford

    How Much Can You Afford: Do the Sums First

    Money Magazine - Real Estate Guide - April, 2016
    Before you start to look for an investment property, it is important to do the sums first so you know what you can afford. State Custodians' provides a lenders perspective.
  • property cycle

    Check the Property Clock

    Money Magazine - Real Estate Guide - April, 2016
    Paul Ross gives a graphical explanation of where the capital city property markets are in the property cycle. Paul is the research principal at Resimac, the funding of State Custodians' home loans.
  • Cost of housing in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

    Money Magazine - March, 2016
    Paul Ross looks at what is happening in each of these markets. He is the research principal at Resimac, the funder of State Custodians' home loans.
  • loc 2016 winner money magazine

    2016 Cheapest Line of Credit - 6 Years in a Row!

    Money Magazine - January, 2016
    Effie Zahos from Money talks to Anouska Linz from State Custodians about what makes our Line of Credit Loan a cut above the rest.
  • 5 Apps to Help Your Kids Become Financially Savvy

    Your Mortgage - November, 2015
    Before smartphones and tablets, the piggy bank was the most popular for savings. State Custodians reviews a number of apps that can teach kids about saving and budgeting.
  • Changes to Investor Lending: Questions to Ask Your Lender

    Your Mortgage - August, 2015
    Changes to investor lending may impact you when you refinance or purchase an investment property. State Custodians lists some of the key changes and questions to ask.
  • Top First Home Buyer Myths Busted

    Your Mortgage - July, 2015
    As first home buyers are reported to be struggling to enter the property market, State Custodians expells some of the common myths that may be holding them back.
  • smart investor

    The Secret Formula for SMSF Borrowing

    AFR Smart Investor Magazine - October, 2014
    The State Custodians' team has the expertise to assist with complex loan structures like SMSF loans. See how the State Custodians' SMSF loan measures up against the rest.