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When you think of summer, you think of classic afternoon barbeques and backyard sports. Along with all the laughter, there are some home responsibilities to be taken care of before the fun can begin.

There’s nothing worse than when the weather starts to heat up but the pool, garden and all of your summer gear are in winter hibernation mode.

To make the transition to summer a breeze, see our list of four home maintenance jobs to squeeze in before the weather warms up.

Have your summer appliances serviced

  • Winter is the time to service your most used summer appliances.

    If you have a pool it might have been a little neglected while you spent your winter weekends trying to escape the cold. Prepare for the first dip of the season by undertaking a pool health check to determine if any water treatment is required or if the filter needs a service.

    Similarly, you should have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year to ensure it works at its maximum efficiency. If your air conditioner unit has recently been serviced, make sure you clean the filter before turning it on again.

    Summer is the prime time to get your friends round and break out the barbeque. Before turning the burners on, you should check your gas cylinder for damage or rust. Always remember to check the hoses and connections each time you use it to avoid fire hazards.

leaves-eaves-cleaning-gutter-blocked-autumn Experts suggest clearing out your gutters 2-3 times per year

Clean out the gutters

  • To prevent damage to your home, experts suggest clearing out your gutters two to three times per year.

    Over the winter, mould and decomposing leaves can begin to linger, so it’s essential to clear them about before the season changes, and the mould is replaced by dry leaves, tree branches and other household items or children’s toys that go missing.

Fix fly screens

  • While the weather is still cold, you’re not likely to need to leave the windows open to catch a breeze. This makes it the perfect time to complete any replacements or repairs before the mozzies return.

pruning-trees-shears-garden-nature-background Start by pruning trees and shrubs but avoid any that are producing blossoms or will bloom in Spring

Summer gardens are made in winter

  • The cold winter temperatures can encourage you to hang up your secateurs and retire to the comfort of your living room. However, taking good care of your garden throughout winter is the key to a blooming garden come spring and summer.

    Start by pruning trees and shrubs, but avoid any that are producing blossoms or will bloom in Spring.

    Next, begin planting for the new season. Winter is the best time for roses, but you could also choose from calendulas, nemesias, pansies, polyanthus, poppies, snapdragons, stocks or violas. Prepare for the new seasons’ planting by adding compost and fertiliser to your garden beds.

    Don’t forget your lawn. Watch for signs of waterlogging during times of heavy rain, and make sure you have a good underground drainage system. As soon as you notice the dreaded onehunga seedlings begin to appear, be sure to treat them to save your feet come summer.

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