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If you are planning to sell your property during Christmas and New Year, you may find it a bit stressful getting the property to look perfect. But it is still important to stage the property in its best possible light for buyers.

Most people love to decorate their home with all the festive trimmings at this time of the year. However if you’re looking to sell at this time and show it off to buyers, it’s important to not go too overboard on the tinsel and Santa snow globes! Listed below are a few simple tips for staging during the silly season.

Blend in

  • When the holidays come around, you may get a little over-excited and start to deck the house out in every colour scheme you can find. So, when deciding what to use, remember that the decorations should match the interior of your home.

  • There are so many different colour schemes available at Christmas time, that it will not be difficult to find one that suits your property. For example, if you have a modern beach house, don’t select heavy colours that are too over the top, stick with cool colours and textures that match the feel of living by the beach. Whereas you can go more traditional with older homes with a colonial feel.

  • When decorating your home, you need to make it easy for prospective buyers to imagine them living there, so while it needs to feel inviting, try to avoid getting carried away.

Keep it balanced

  • When in doubt, stick with neutral decorations. While displaying religious icons to celebrate the holidays is well within everyone’s right, just like all other decorations try to keep it simple. Remember, you want prospective buyers to imagine what their furniture will look like in your property.

  • Christmas trees should be kept simply and classy and are not in a spot that hides features or distorts the space. You want to try and keep the space looking as open as possible and a Christmas tree in the wrong area could make the room look smaller than what it is.

Smells can help sell

  • Christmas is full of wonderful smells and you should take advantage of that. Cinnamon cookies, Christmas cake, mistletoe and wreaths are all wonderful scents you could incorporate into your home.

  • These scents can help trigger memories for prospective buyers and help make the property seem more homely. But try to stick to one scent throughout the property as too many could clash and be too over the top.

Don’t be tacky

  • We all have a Christmas decoration that may be a little cheesy, and even though you may love it, it is best to keep the tacky decorations to a minimum while you try to sell your house.

  • Drowning your property with too many decorations can have a negative effect on first impression appeal and may change prospective buyer’s minds even before entering the property. So use your Christmas collection sparingly and keep everything else to enjoy in your new home.

Don’t forget the usual home staging rules

  • Even though most people are more relaxed at Christmas time, it doesn’t mean you should forget about the usual home staging rules.

  • Make sure you declutter the property as much as possible, keep personal items to a minimum, clean carpets and highlight the best features in your property. The festive season is a great time to sell your property as you can make the effort to make the property look even more warm and inviting with Christmas decorations.