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With summer on the way, you may be thinking about adding a pool to your property. Whether you want to add it to an investment property or your own home, there are factors you need to consider before ‘jumping in’.

Whether you want to add it to an investment property or your own home, there are factors you need to consider before 'jumping in'.

Size, shape and type

  • You may overestimate the true size of your backyard and could end up with a large swimming pool that makes the rest of the yard look tiny. So, either spray or tape the outline of the perfect size pool to fit in your backyard and bring these dimensions with you when you start shopping around.

    Have you thought about what shape and depth would best suit you? If you are keen to use this pool for exercise, then a rectangular shape may be more suitable. If you have young children, then it may be more suitable to have a shallow end for them to play in. You will also need to think about what material would best suit e.g. fibreglass or poured concrete?

Match the theme of your outdoor living area

  • There are so many fancy new pool designs available that it is actually possible to match the pool outdoor to your living theme. Lagoons, pebble stones and many texture variations are now available making it possible to match the style and colour of the pool with the rest of the outdoor area.

    Matching the theme is especially important if you have an investment property as having a pool that looks out of place could affect the re-sale value or may turn potential tenants off the property.

Council regulations

  • Before you get started, make sure you speak with your local council about your plans. You need to find out what is required of you to comply with the building and safety regulations. If you skip this step, you could face a hefty fine down the track and may be required to re-install the pool so that it adheres to these requirements, causing your unnecessary stress and an extra lump of cash.

Tips when talking to your builder

Buying a pool is not a small purchase, so when speaking with your pool builder, make sure you look out for these things.

  1. Warranty and insurance:

    Do you know what is included in the purchase price? Does the company you are going with have a warranty available? Make sure you shop around and if you find a better price, don't forget you could use this to negotiate the price down with other builders.

  2. Company's history:

    Even if this company has competitive prices, you need to find out about their job history. Ask for testimonials and word of mouth anecdotes.

    You can also search the company online. Look at review sites as well as their social media pages as past customers often express their experiences on social media.


    It is important you get several quotes from different companies so you can compare what's on offer. Make sure you follow up on what is included and what isn't. For example, there may be a hidden cost that they don't include in the quote that could come along later and cause a big blow to your budget.

One final point to mention before allowing family and friends to swim is, can everyone swim? It may seem obvious but don't just assume. Always ask the question of every visitor that is about to dive in. If you are aware of their skill level you can ensure that there is proper supervision according to skill level. Drowning is a silent killer so you need to be vigilant at all times. A swimming pool is a great way to teach kids how to become confident in the water, but it is important to ensure all the right safety precautions are put in place.

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