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Finding the dream house is often the main priority for house hunters, however, many forget to look at the surrounding neighbourhood.

Finding the dream house is often the main priority for house hunters, however, many forget to look at the surrounding neighbourhood.

This is one of the major mistakes in purchasing a property as it could drastically affect your lifestyle in the long run and your dream home may no longer seem perfect.

So when you do select a neighbourhood, what mistakes should you avoid?

1. Not thinking about your future lifestyle
This mistake could particularly apply to young couples. Career changes and starting a family are just some of the transitions that could happen very quickly and alter your lifestyle. Young couples may wish to live in the heart of the city; however the environment may not be suitable for childrearing. Another important consideration is the location of your current workplace. At the moment, it may only take 15 minutes to drive to work, but what about when you move? You may have to take the main freeway which becomes clogged for kilometres every morning and afternoon. It may be a dream house, but is it worth sitting in traffic every day?

2. Not meeting with neighbours
Taking time to speak with people living in the area can make all the difference if you decide to move in. They can give you inside information into their opinion of the neighbourhood – is it child-friendly, are the other neighbours sociable, what’s the noise level like on a Saturday night?   The last thing you want is to have sleepless nights living next to a ‘party house’ or a dog barking all night.  

3. Not checking with credible sources

Although speaking with neighbours can be helpful, you also need to collect facts from a credible source. For example, people may have told you one area is safe and low on crimes, however, the police may tell you a different story. The Government may also have future plans to do major construction near your area, such as new roads/infrastructure, causing noise pollution and possible commuting delays. This problem can be avoided by speaking with your local council.

4. Not checking the commute and traffic conditions

Even if you are in a great location with beautiful surroundings, it may not be as pleasant if you need to leave for work at the crack of dawn and return when it’s dark due to traffic.

Driving around the area during the middle of the day or on weekends is not enough to get a feel of the traffic flow. Before purchasing a property, practise driving to work during traffic hour to get a realistic idea of how long you will be in the car for. Being stuck in hour long traffic everyday will not only have an impact on your mentally, but it will also impact your wallet.