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Delicious herbs from your backyard! See our how-to guide for your very own DIY herb garden.

For many homeowners, planting a garden and watching your seedlings grow provides immense satisfaction. It’s even better when you know exactly where your produce has come from (direct from your backyard!) Here’s our guide for planting your own herb garden.

Find the perfect place for your garden

  • Your DIY herb garden doesn’t actually need to be outdoors, herbs will happily prosper indoors if given enough sun. For apartments without backyards, herbs will thrive on a windowsill in the kitchen. Herbs will also flourish in pots, wooden boxes or garden bed in the backyard, just be sure to check it has adequate drainage and sunlight.

Select your pots

  • Selecting the right pots for your plants is important. Glazed or glass pots will prevent the plants from drying out. Ensure your herbs have adequate drainage; most herbs do not like to be kept in standing water, so there needs to be a way for the water to drain out.
Windowsills are a great option for homes without access to a backyard

Choose a quality potting mix

  • Good quality, moisture retentive potting mix will help your plants or seedlings to grow, particularly in an indoor environment.

    Have you ever noticed that potting soil and potting mix are actually different? Potting mix is lighter and will help your plants breathe, particularly indoors. If in doubt, ask for help at your local garden store!

Be patient

  • Mist or lightly water your plants frequently, and feed monthly with an all-purpose fertiliser. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see growth right away; some herbs like parsley can take around two months to germinate.

    Some researchers suggest that giving your herbs a little attention can help them grow; talking to your plants releases carbon dioxide that they convert into food. Just don’t expect them to talk back!

Use your herbs in your cooking – you won’t regret it!

Prepare beautiful fresh meals with your home-grown herbs!

  • Once they are ready, herbs are a wonderful addition that adds flavour to any meal. Consider adding them to sauces, salads, soups and stews for the perfect homemade meal. You can also freeze or dry fresh herbs to use at a later date.

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