Young Garvan Platinum Sponsor

The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is based in Sydney and has pioneered insights into diseases including cancer, neuro-degenerative and mental diseases, disorders of the immune system, diabetes and obesity, osteoporosis and other skeletal disorders. 

Young Garvan was established in 2002 by a volunteer group of young supporters who valued the work of the Garvan Institute. The group was inspired to educate and inform the younger generations about the importance of medical research.

State Custodians has been a major supporter of Young Garvan since 2010, helping fund the Young Garvan Fellowships. The aim of the funding grants is to engage young early career scientists who have completed a PHD, to continue cutting-edge research in their field. Ultimately it encourages young professionals to pursue a career in medical research by giving them funding to prove their excellence. 

We are excited to be able to support such a great cause! To visit their website click here.

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Café Art Australia

Café Art Australia is a social venture with the mission to connect people affected by homelessness with the wider community through their art.

Café Art Australia provide 100 single use cameras to people affected by homelessness each year, to take photos of their lives. These photos are featured in an exhibition, in which they showcase their work to the general public, and then in a calendar which features the often moving stories and images of those involved.

State Custodians came onto support the project in September 2017, as they saw how it aligns to their core values. Their involvement will enable Café Art Australia to branch out to other Australian locations, most probably Darwin in which there are many stories to be shared by indigenous and people affected by homelessness. They will also enable Café Art Australia to offer an ongoing photography mentoring program.

We are proud to be able to support such a great cause! Visit their website here

  • Young scientist’s ground-breaking work into autoimmune diseases takes out major research prize for 2017

    Community - September, 2017
    Dr Joanne Reed, the recently named winner of the 2017 State Custodians’ Young Garvan Edgy Ideas Award, tells us more about her innovative research into autoimmune diseases.
  • How one trail-blazer is searching for a cancer cure with help from State Custodians

    Community - September, 2017
    Dr Samantha Oakes, the 2016 recipient of the State Custodians’ Young Garvan Edgy Ideas Award, tells us how winning the award is playing an important part in finding a cure for cancer.
  • 2016 State Custodians Young Garvan Award

    Community - June, 2016
    Congratulations to Dr Samantha Oakes, winner of the 2016 State Custodians Young Garvan Award. Her winning edgy idea is “A new way to reawaken the immune system to treat cancer.”
  • 2016 Garvan Community Champion Award

    Community - February, 2016
    In February State Custodians received the 2016 Community Champion Award from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. It was recognition of our long term support of the All Ribbons Ball, the major fundraising event of Young Garvan.