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Innovative design and storage hacks can transform your home and inspire a brand-new appreciation for the household's space. For all those nooks, crannies, cupboards and rooms with too much 'stuff', the key is to consider your household needs and how you can transform your home to create more storage and space, without the need for a renovation.

By:  Bonnie Radcliffe, July 2020

Cleverly designed furniture can give you a reno-like result but without the price-tag. Likewise, getting innovative by creating versatile rooms will help you to get the most out of every room in the house.

So, whether it's a space-challenged apartment or a large home housing a lot of extra junk that needs to find a trunk, we've got three space-busting solutions to maximise your storage.

Invest in multifunctional furniture

  • Whether you're looking to turn your coffee table into a storage unit, a bookshelf that doubles as a desk, or a couch that can turn into a sofa bed, there are many multipurpose furniture hacks that will help you to buy smarter, not more.
  • Items of furniture with hidden storage are clever double duty pieces that will help conceal life's necessities while giving the room a clean and minimalistic feel. For example, rather than remodelling to include a walk-in robe, a bed with under storage will provide extra closet space and give you improved mattress stability, at just a fraction of the price!
  • If you're looking for some inspiration, Temple and Webster designs an extensive range of contemporary bedroom and living room furniture, maximising on storage through the use of hidden drawers.

Get smart about storage

  • Although you can adopt a minimalist mindset and commit to decluttering on a regular basis, there are certain items that you simply cannot throw away. Items like car keys, TV remotes, phone chargers, electronic accessories, and children's toys must be stored in an easily accessible location.
  • Cubic storage systems and wooden boxes or chests are not only great for hiding mess, but also for adding natural texture and style to your décor. This kind of storage option is a great way to add beautiful practicality to otherwise plain walls or difficult spaces.
  • The Charming EKET range by Ikea provides a range of affordable, sleek storage options of all shapes and sizes, perfect for concealing mess while also improving your home's natural order.

Very versatile rooms

  • A well-functioning home can adapt to the evolving needs of its residents. Flexibility within the home is important, whether that's creating space for visitors to sleep, a small home-office, or a DIY yoga studio.
  • When considering versatile rooms, identify a maximum of two functions for each room to avoid creating a cramped space. Get creative about the vibe and purpose of each room and contemplate what secondary purpose will complement the area's existing design and functionality.
  • If converting a spare bedroom to a study space, invest in a sofa bed that can remain compact when the room is being used as a study, and extended to a bed for guest sleepovers. A large, sturdy table fitted with drawers will allow you to set yourself up for WFH success during the daytime, while still allowing the family to gather to share meals.
  • Likewise, it's easy to convert the garage into a home gym by installing roof and wall racks, shelving units and lockers to keep the floor clear and equipment organised.
  • If you're in the market for a new sofa bed, Plush has a great range available to suit every family's requirements. When it comes to versatile storage options, Bunnings has something for every home and every budget.

With a bit of creativity and the clever use of design, it's possible to transform the home into what feels like a roomy oasis. Optimising existing space with smart, multifunctional furniture, innovative storage and versatile rooms will have reno-like results, without the price tag!

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