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It’s now rare for a family to live in the one home for decades. According to the 2007-2008 Survey of Income and Housing by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 43% of Australians age 15+ had moved in the last five years.

Buying and Selling a Home

Buying and selling ebook
Are you ready to buy or sell a house? What are the advantages and disadvantages of an auction? Do you know what to look for when choosing a real estate agent?

These questions are answered in detail in our FREE eBook: Buying and Selling
There are many reasons why families, couples and individuals move so it’s apparent that this is something that we need to be ready for. Whether or not you currently have plans in place for buying and selling a home, it’s sensible to be ready.

Buying and selling a home can be exciting or traumatic. The key is to have as much knowledge as possible before buying or selling to ensure you are getting the best outcome. If you are selling your house, you will need to consider either private sale or auction, which real estate agent to choose and also what inspections are necessary. If you are planning to buy a house, you will need to know both the advantages and disadvantages of an auction or private sale and also learn how to not let your emotions control your decisions.

These topics are covered both on this website and also in our free eBook, Buying or Selling a Home. This information has been written by people who have been through both buying and selling multiple times and have assisted hundreds of others to go through it as well.

Where do you start?

A good thing to do right now is to have a chat with a professional who can answer any questions you may have. The friendly, experienced credit managers at State Custodians will provide helpful information without the pressure of committing and by the end of the conversation you will have a better understanding of what home loan would suit you the best. Give them a call during NSW business hours on 13 72 62 or drop them a note using an enquiry form (click here). 

For those who are not buying and selling a home on a regular basis there are times that it seems those around you are speaking another language. If that’s the case for you then jump ahead to the last section of the eBook where we do some translation. There we give you definitions of a lot of the special terminology used in buying and selling a home. Otherwise just go straight into the early sections where we go into detail on both buying and selling, letting you know how to go about it, what to expect and pitfalls to avoid.