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When house hounting, you may think you've found the perfect property, but what if there were hidden issues the seller was keeping from you?

While a property may look up to standard, some sellers may not be as upfront about hidden nasties in order to sell their property. Listed below are just some of the issues to keep an eye out for. Some of these problems could end up costing you money or simply make living in the area less enjoyable, either way, it can help give you a heads up before inspection day.


  • Even though a house may look beautiful and clean, it could still have termites eating away at the walls and foundation.

    You may see a fresh coat of paint on the walls as a nice effort to spruce up the property, but it could be an attempt to hide a termite damaged wall. Especially if there is only one small area of the house painted, not the whole house.

    A pre-purchase building and pest inspection is a must for buyers, especially if you think there is something not right. An inspector can also conduct a termite inspection using thermal imaging to ensure there is nothing behind the walls eating away at the foundation.


  • Unfortunately for buyers, it can be fairly easy for sellers to temporarily plug up leaks in order to sell the property, but it can cause problems for the buyer down the track.

    When inspecting the property, pay attention to any leaky taps, ceilings and air conditioning units. Also keep an eye out for bubbling and staining of the paint on the walls, this could be an indication that there is mould. It would be worth getting in a professional inspector who knows what to look for.

Structure and foundation issues

  • Structural damage could end up being a huge expense for buyers who don’t pick up on it before signing the contract.

    If sellers have something to hide, they may try and block access to different areas so that you can’t inspect it. If this is the case, hire a building and pest inspector to check out the property and be sure that they pay special attention to the areas that have been blocked off.

Noise problems

  • Have you been to an open house and loved how quiet the neighbourhood was?

    Sellers and their real estate agents want to present the property in the best possible light and show that the area is a quiet and peaceful place to live. This can easily be done by scheduling open houses during quiet times of the week.

    For example, during the week the area may get a lot of traffic on a nearby road or there could be a park behind the house that is full of people on Saturdays for weekend sport. So, they schedule an open house for Sunday. To get a more realistic idea about the noise levels around the property, take several trips to the house during different times of the week. You may find that the area is not as quiet as it looks.

Faults with appliances

  • Home systems such as air conditioning, hot water and lighting should be in working order when a property is up for sale, but some sellers may not be as up front about the true state of the different appliances in the house.

    How often do you actually turn on all the lights, air conditioning units and taps when you walk through an open house? This is why it is so important to have an inspector look at the property. They know exactly what to look for when conducting a building and pest inspection and can point out any hidden nasties you may not have thought to look for.

    If there are dodgy appliances, you could use it as a negotiation tool to either get a better price on a property or to get them to replace the items before you sign the contract.

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