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Spring is often seen as the peak period for the property market, however autumn does offer plenty of opportunities for buyers and sellers too.

With interest rates at historic lows, there are plenty of prospective buyers looking to dip their toes in the property pool. Autumn is a great time for sellers for a number of reasons. Some include:

Cooler weather

  • No matter where you live in Australia, you have most likely been through a hot and harsh summer and now the temperature is starting to cool down. March, April and May are considered the milder months and people may be more likely to go out and attend open houses if the weather is nicer.

New year, new resolutions

  • Many Australians would have made resolutions for the year and this may have included purchasing a property. If they have thought about purchasing property, there is a good chance they will be more active in the first few months of the year.

Less competition

  • Many home owners think that spring is the best time to sell and can often create a lot of competition during this time of the year. By selling your property in autumn, you will still have plenty of prospective buyers, but you will not have as many other properties to compete with. This may help improve the chances of your property selling quicker.

    If you do plan to sell your home over the next couple of months, here are a few quick tips that may help make your home more appealing.

    • Try to sell during March or May. April has a number of national events, including school holidays, ANZAC Day and Easter. Many families may decide to go away during these few weeks and you may not have as many interested buyers during this time.
    • Decorate your home with an autumn theme. Create a home that looks warm and inviting as the weather starts to get cooler. The days are starting to get shorter, so make sure there is plenty of light in the house if you have an afternoon showing. You should also make sure the garden will look spectacular for this time of year. This includes planting flowers that will bloom in autumn.

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