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Are you looking to improve the value of your property, but not sure where to start? It could all start with what you can see from the street.

Whether you are looking to sell or just improve your property's overall value and appeal, what you can see from the front of the house can be where the real money is.

According to a recent survey by finder.com.au, sellers risk losing an average of $90,452 if their property does not have enough street appeal.

Buyers stated that they were more than happy to offer less if the external area was unsatisfactory. A third said they would offer 15-20% less and eight per cent said they would knock of a big 25% off if it looked unappealing.

Stand out the front of your property and take a critical look. The types of things buyers mentioned that impacted street appeal were:

• Untidy yard

• Peeling paint

• Overgrown garden

• Dirty windows

• Dilapidated fences

The great news is that improve curb appeal can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, but you could improve the value of your property by thousands. Take a look at just a few apps we have collected to help you make simple changes for a low cost.            



Whether you already have ideas in mind or have no idea where to start, the CurbAppeal app can help. This app can let you experiment with designs for roofing, shutters, doors, railing, fences, accents and many other items to help improve your front yard.

You are able to select a style and then try different colours to see which fits best. Once you have found the style you like, you are able to save it and then show it to your contractor or have it on hand when you go to buy what you need. Get the app here.


Garden plan pro

Your garden can make all the difference when you are trying to improve the first impressional appeal and if you are not a green thumb, this app will be a lifesaver. The gardening tool app can give you advice of what types of plants would suit the climate and when you should grow them.

If you have a certain garden design in mind, for example you may wish to have red and pink flowers that grow in the shade, then you can enter this into the database and the app will find the most suitable plants. You also have access to a watering guide, growing instructions, add your own photos and notes to track progress as well as share tips and questions. Get the app here.


Paint my place

It can be frustrating trying to keep track of all of your paint swatches and samples. The Paint My Place app enables you to paint your home using your phone. Simply take a photo of the area you want to paint and then you can choose between a range of colours until you find the right match. You can also save options you have tried so that you can compare and contrast. Get the app here.


iScape free

Do you have a spectacular landscape idea, but you’re not sure how it will look when it’s finished? The iScape Free app gives you the opportunity to see your options before the work is done and you’ve spent any money. There is a regularly updated image database which gives you a variety of options to try. Use the camera tool to add your own photos, use the pen tool to replaces different textures such as grass, pavers etc and you can also insert objects like trees, furniture, walkways etc. Get the app here.


Houzz - Letterbox design

A bold letterbox could be the focal point for your front yard. There are plenty of simple ways to dress up your letterbox and the Houzz app can help inspire you. Check out the hundreds of different photos available on this app and if you’re game, try to renovate your letterbox yourself or pass on your design ideas to a professional. Get the app here.

While improving your front yard may be fairly inexpensive, if you are thinking about spending more on a renovation, you can speak to our Lending Specialists about how to fund the renovation. Call now on 13 72 62 to speak to a Lending Specialist or leave your details here for them to contact you.