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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If your answer is ‘no’, you might be in the minority.

By: Olivia Bailey, Oct 2019

Research suggests that Aussies have become much savvier with their money, with many of us starting our Christmas shopping earlier than ever.

While there’s no perfect way to do your Christmas shopping, check out our guide to find out which type of shopper you are and tips for stress-free shopping this festive season!

The Early Bird

  • The Early Bird shoppers plan ahead, hoping to beat the holiday rush by getting all their shopping done at the start of the season. They love to research online first, then go in store and tick off all their gifts in one go.
  •   Pros:  Early Bird shoppers have less competition and purchase stress leading up to the Christmas period, as all their shopping is already out of the way. It’s also a great way to mitigate last-minute purchases and allow time for deliveries and online returns or exchanges.
  •   Cons:  You might miss out of those end-of-season sales right before Christmas, where stores are trying to clear their stock before the new year.
  •   Top tip:  Stay organised so you don’t forget which items you’ve already bought. Keep them hidden and labelled so you know which lucky person will receive your gift!

The Evergreen

  • Meticulous and organised, The Evergreen shoppers have their shopping list prepared months in advance. They spread their shopping out week by week (normally from the end of October) and tick gifts off their list a few at a time.
  •   Pros:  Spreading out your shopping means you won’t have as much stress leading up to Christmas, and also means you can take advantage of mid-season sales! Most importantly, you can ensure you don’t have a huge chunk of money coming out of your bank account at one time, and avoid new year credit card blues.
  •   Cons:  You do have to find somewhere to store (and hide) all these presents, which might be tricky if you have inquisitive little ones. It also means multiple trips to the shops and can sometimes result in accidental double purchases!
  •   Top tip:  Keep a detailed list of all the people you need to buy for and what you want to buy! It makes it easier to keep track of your purchases throughout the season.

The Deal Seeker

  • The last few years have seen a huge rise in the popularity of Click Frenzy, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. With many retailers both big and small jumping on board offering huge savings in the lead up to Christmas, Deal Seeker shoppers are getting in early to save some coin.
  •   Pros:  With huge savings, it’s a great way to get ahead on your Christmas purchases. You can get a lot of your shopping done at once and at discounted prices.
  •   Cons:  It’s easy to overspend during a savings frenzy, particularly if you’re shopping online, which can lead to a lot of outgoings at once. And, if you go instore, you’re fighting crowds and battling other customers to get the items you’re after. Most importantly, you can’t control what’s on special, so you’ll need to be flexible about what you’re looking for.
  •   Top tip:  Shop online before the deals start so you’ve got a target in mind, and make sure you only purchase items that you planned to buy anyway!
stressed-hurry-woman-wearing-santa-claus-hat-holding-clock-gift-box  Are you a last-minute Christmas shopper?

The Last-Minute Larry

  • Are you one to still be looking for gifts a week out from Christmas? It’s okay, we’ve all been there! If you can take the heat, it could actually be a great time to nab a last-minute deal and make sure you have everything you need before the big day.
  •   Pros:  If you’re a shopping procrastinator, the time pressure might be an incentive to make quick decisions on gifts, so you can get it all done in one go. There are often great end-of-season deals, as stores are starting their ‘after Christmas’ sales earlier than ever. It also means you’re more likely to know what other family members have purchased so you don’t double up!
  •   Cons:  Last minute shopping can often mean overspending, particularly when buying multiple items at once. You also might not get what you’re after and have to scramble for the last few items on the shelves, as many stores sell out before the big day.
  •   Top tip:  Once you've bought for everyone on your list, stop shopping. It sounds simple enough, but often the urge to find the perfect gift makes anxious shoppers want to keep going. Your gift will be well received even though you bought it last minute!

Christmas time can be stressful on you (and your wallet) but having a clear budget in mind can help you be financially secure this festive season. For more Christmas money tips, visit ASIC’s 12 money tips for Christmas.

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