Australia is known as a country with a very advanced and well developed superannuation industry. Hundreds of retail and industry super funds are available to individuals, with an immense amount of choice in investments.

However, provision for the greatest amount of choice and flexibility is available through Self-Managed Super Funds, also known as SMSFs or DIY Funds.

In Australia, a Self-Managed Super Fund is set up for a particular individual or a group of up to four people. It’s common to use a SMSF for a family group and to incorporate estate planning into its design and strategies. While it’s expensive to set up and maintain a SMSF, for larger fund balances it can be worthwhile for those who want either the broadened investment choices or other customised features.

Self-Managed Super Funds can be set up by some financial advisors, accountants and lawyers throughout Australia. You can even get a trust deed for one set up online.  Obviously a SMSF that is set up according to the laws of a country outside of Australia is not likely to comply with Australian law. If you have a Self-Managed Super Fund originating from outside Australia you should seek advice from a suitably qualified accountant and/or financial advisor.

Free SMSF Borrowing eBook

Before you jump in the deep end and get one going there are a lot of things to consider. Download a copy of our free eBook, SMSF Borrowing for a discussion of what Self-Managed Super Funds are, considerations on whom they may suit and in particular, how to invest in property with one. Special emphasis is given on SMSF loans used for funding an investment property, along with the requirements for how they are to be set up. They are quite distinct from an ordinary home loan or mortgage, and even the structure doing the borrowing within the SMSF is unique.

An important note about advice

As a lender, State Custodians has a credit licence under ASIC. They can therefore provide you with advice regarding loans, including a SMSF loans. Keep in mind, however, that any advice that we provide you through our website is general advice. It doesn’t take into consideration your situation or individual circumstances. You should seek professional advice from a variety of people with regard to the use of a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund, including an accountant, financial adviser, a credit manager and possibly a lawyer.  Further details are included in the eBook mentioned above.

With regard to financial products we have done our best not to give you any advice. That is to say, we have not directed you towards any particular financial product or any class of financial products. You should seek such advice from a licensed financial advisor.