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Finding it difficult to get a home loan being self-employed? Find out how we can help you get into a home loan sooner

If you’re self employed and you have the last two years’ tax returns and tax assessments then you can apply for home loans or investment loans through traditional lending assessment methods.  However, if you haven’t yet lodged your last year’s tax returns, there are still opportunities available for you, right here with State Custodians Mortgage Company.

Low doc home loans for the self-employed
One such opportunity is a loan where you are able to evidence your income through alternative means.  These loans are referred to as “low doc home loans”. An example of an alternative document is your last four bas statements, so that there is evidence of the income that’s been generated and turned over through the business. 

Also, your accountant might be able to provide a statement as to the level of income that you’ve received and also look at considering your expenses.

Low doc home loans are all about flexibility in the documentation requirements.

If you are self-employed and looking for home loans, find out how we can help you get into a home loan sooner by calling us direct on 13 72 62.