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There are a lot of things that you need to work through before you go out and buy a property, but they tend to be interdependent. So, while you need to work out a plan, the details of that plan will vary immensely depend on what type of property you choose

Location of property investments
Location is vitally important, but it’s only one of many factors. It’s also looked at differently when it’s an investment property, as compared to a home. For many of us, a busy street is the last place where we would want to have a home. But, depending on other factors, it may be the perfect place to have for property investments.

As you consider locations, there is a decision to make at multiple levels. Are you going to invest in Australia or overseas? If you chose Australia, do you have a preference for which State? Will you invest in the city and its suburbs or a country centre?

Details to consider in property investments
As you consider the general location for property investing in terms of State and town/suburb there are some basic questions that you need to answer.

• What is your attitude towards risk?

• How “hands on” do you need to be in managing and maintaining your investment properties?

• Zeroing in on suburbs there are many factors to consider. How has the growth of a particular suburb compared with those around it in recent years?

• Different suburbs will tend to have a different ‘class’ of properties, which will impact upon rental yield and growth. Your property plan may dictate either high yield or high growth properties.

Loans for property investing
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