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Have you started looking for a property, but feel like you are going around in circles? Check out these top apps to help keep you on track.

House hunter

Buying a property has a lot of new processes that can be stressful and confusing. However, the House Hunter app aims to make the process easier and more efficient. Some of the useful features include:

  • Track and compare and unlimited number of houses
  • A unique scoring method to help identify which house suit your needs
  • Detailed list of information of each property including ‘must-haves’ and ‘missing’
  • A mortgage calculator
  • Quick Notes feature to save time and typing when putting in information about a property

SRO mobile

This is a fantastic tool if you are planning to buy in Victoria. The State Revenue Office of Victoria has created this app for those who are looking to purchase their first home to calculate whether they are eligible for any Victorian grants or benefits. You are able to calculate whether you are eligible for the First Home Owner Grant, First home Bonus or Regional Bonus. The Land Transfer Duty calculator is also available with this app.


QR codes are becoming more and more popular in the marketing industry and many real estate agents are starting to use it when advertising a property. Some agents will put a QR code on the ‘For Sale’ sign, which you can scan and get instant access to property details, listings information and other important updates.

As this is a relatively new idea, it’s a great way to put you ahead of the other buyers and you can learn a lot about the property without even having to walk inside the front door.


Finding the right property can take some time, but this app can save you a lot of time and stress. It is easy to search for properties to rent or buy. You can:

  • Search by property type, price and even get specific by listing pets or non-smoking
  • Search for inspection and auction times to save to your calendar
  • Save properties you like and also contact the real estate agent linked to the property


MyOFI is a great way to organise and speed up your open for inspection schedule.

All you need to do is sign up, enter your contact information and property search requirements and the app will give you an individual QR code. You can then give this to the real estate agent at every open house instead of filling out your information, saving you time.

This app also allows you to log all of your inspections to help you keep track. It will store the photos, address and agent’s details as well as any notes you wish to include yourself.

Savings Goals

Saving for a deposit is one of the biggest hurdles for first home buyers and this app can help keep you on track. You simply enter a target amount and a target date and this app will give you a suggested schedule and will also track your progress. It will let you know how close you are to your target date, what proportion of your target you’ve saved and whether you are ahead or behind schedule. What’s even better is that you can create as many savings goals as you like.

If you are serious about purchasing your first home sooner, then saving for a sufficient deposit should be a high priority.

Instant online pre-qualify tool

Part of being prepared is having your finances organised and a first step might be to see if you qualify. The 2 minute online qualifier on the State Custodians website will show you the maximum loan amount you would be able to borrow, based on the basic information you provide. This is more like a guide as none of the information has been verified and the full scenario hasn't gone through the assessment process. It is perfect to do while you are researching, continuing to save and house hunting.

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