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As my family and I are soon to move house, I’ve been considering how best to go about it and whether we use the services of a skilled removalist or enlist reluctant family and friends.

No doubt it will be exhausting so I’ve thought ahead on ways to reduce the possible grief that comes after an extended day of moving house.

The first step will be to cull those items that haven’t been used for at least a year. Time to be ruthless!   This means there will be fewer things to pack and if I go the path of hiring the removalist – it should all be faster and cheaper!

Now packing is a hassle, however I do appreciate that it helps in the long term if care is taken, so I do need to consider things ahead of time. Invariably it’s best to pack lighter items in giant boxes and heavier items in little boxes and use clean white paper for wrapping. I’ve learnt the hard way that newspaper can leave black newsprint on possessions and makes cleaning troublesome and time consuming when unpacking. I’m keen to not fall into that trap again!

Labelling everything fastidiously on the surface of the boxes is a good plan but sometimes it is difficult to be disciplined about this. Certainly it makes things much easier if boxes can be simply placed in their correct rooms at the other end.  There is no frustration quite like trying to put your hands on that important something – and coming up blank even after rummaging through 10 different boxes.  A really good tip that a friend gave me was to write on the tape and not the boxes so you can reuse the boxes afterward.  (This friend is extremely organised which I admire but unfortunately don’t always emulate). Sure….recycling is important but admittedly not always the thing uppermost in my mind in the middle of a chaotic move with a couple of kids underfoot claiming to be “helpers”. Anyway… wish me luck!