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Day dreaming of your dream home? Time to make it a reality. We look at four solutions to help you realise your dream home

Do you find yourself always longing for more space? Or maybe it’s creating your perfect kitchen and dining area, with an open plan that is ideal for entertaining. When your home no longer suits your needs, it can be hard to think of anything else.

Here are four solutions to help you realise your dream home!


  • Keeping the character of your home while reimagining its form and function to suit your family can be a very attractive option. However, renovating can also come with unexpected surprises and costs that can blow your budget.

    A great way to minimise any financial surprises is to make sure you have your home thoroughly inspected by a professional to see if there may be any issues with renovating. This includes, but is not limited to, checking for structural integrity, termites and asbestos.


  • Building an extension can be a great way to add much needed space if you are feeling the squeeze.

    From prefab options that can be ready in as little as six weeks, to an architectural solution that has a bespoke feel, an extension can be the right choice regardless of the time you have available.

    One benefit is that you may be able to stay in your home during the building phase, so there’s no extra living costs. Plus, you won’t have any of the costs associated with buying and selling such as stamp duty and agents fees.


  • Congratulations! You found your dream home, in the right neighbourhood for the right price! It’s that easy right? Although it may not happen that effortlessly, moving into a finished home that suits your needs, can be a lot less stressful than adjusting your existing home.

    However, you still need to consider other financial costs involved, before you decide if this is the right path for you. A few extra costs you may need to consider are stamp duty, building and pest inspections and moving costs.

  Knockdown rebuild

  • Do you love the area where you live? Maybe it’s in an amazing neighbourhood with great schools, or the value of the land is increasing. Knocking down and rebuilding may be the best way to create your dream home and stay in the area you love.

    Provided you have somewhere else to live, rebuilding can be the perfect way to get everything you want, on your terms. Whether you opt for a full architectural design that is bespoke to you, or a traditional off the plan solution, starting from scratch means less unexpected surprises and reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

    Regardless of what you decide, it’s always important to speak to the experts! From builders to real estate agents to your lender, getting the best advice before you start will put you in good stead for the challenges that lay ahead.

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