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Renovating the kitchen can provide maximum returns with minimal time and money. However, there are some kitchen renovation ideas that should be considered a no-no.

Listed below are just a few ideas you should avoid. 

Custom-built cabinets 

Custom built cabinets are an unnecessary expense, especially when there are so many unique options available from hardware stores. You don’t need to create a complete new cabinet design to be unique.

Rush the design 

It is important to have a well thought out design for the kitchen as it is one of the most seen and most used rooms in the house. 

Double check the floor plan as well as all the cabinet doors to ensure there is enough room. People need to be able to move around with ease whilst cooking and there should also be plenty of storage room for all appliances, food and plates etc.

Commercial appliances 

Unless you require commercial appliances (e.g. professional chef), they are not required in a residential home. These appliances may provide the initial wow factor, but then they just become a drain on your wallet. There are very few families that would require a six-burner stove or double oven, so when it comes time to sell the property (or rent it out) people may not be willing to pay more for these features. 

Bad flooring

How durable is the flooring you have chosen? Did you take into consideration dishes and glasses breaking, spills or whether you have kids or pets? Stick with a flooring choice that is not only appealing to the eye, but also durable. Make sure it is water resistant as well as family proof.

Tight spaces 

Do you have enough room to move around? Will the doors bump into each other when more than one is open? If a 3D rendering still does not allow you to picture yourself in the space, use tape or paper templates to lay out the design on the floor of the room. 

The right style

What is the style of the rest of the house? For example, if the property is considered a vintage home, having a kitchen that is too modern may look out of place. While it is fine to update the kitchen, make sure it fits with the rest of the house so it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. 

Too much work 

If your kitchen only really needs a floor replacement and cabinets refinished, then done dig too far and do a complete makeover. Even simple changes can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the kitchen and it won’t cost you a fortune. Don’t replace the bench top just for the sake of it, only replace things that need replacing.