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The open inspection is your chance to show off your property to perspective buyers, but how can you ensure it is being shown in its best possible light?

Fix obvious problems

Even if a major renovation is not something you want to do, you should still try to repair any obvious problems. Flaws such as stained carpets and surfaces or broken windows and doors may give the impression that the property is not in a general good condition. Some simple repairs you may consider doing include:

• Replace broken tiles

• Replace broken windows and mirrors

• Resurface or paint over stained surfaces

• Fill in cracks in the wall and paint

Ensure the house is presentable 24/7

Even though potential buyers can only enter your property during the open inspection; they can still drive by your home and check out the rest of your street whenever they like. How a potential buyer rates the street appeal could affect whether they will come back for the inspection. So it is important to keep the outside looking presentable 24/7.

Ensure the front yard is perfect

As mentioned above, the front of your house could be the deciding factor as to whether a buyer will enquire further about the property. However, you don’t have to conduct a major renovation of the front landscape, simple jobs such as keeping the lawn short and neat, pruning trees and plants as well as clearing any clutter can make all the difference. 

Lock up valuables

The agent who is showing potential buyers the property cannot always keep an eye on everyone 100% of the time and the last thing you want is for something to go missing and then having to chase up the buyers to try and retrieve it.

So, keep all valuables stored away in drawers or hidden in cupboards or if there are extremely valuable items, consider taking them with your or storing them in a locked safe. It may seem extreme, but it can help give both you and the agent piece of mind.

Take advantage of natural light

With winter just around the corner, you may need to take extra steps to keep your property looking warm and inviting. Natural light can improve the property’s vibe and feel and it won’t cost you any extra. Ensure all windows are sparkling clean and keep heavy, dark blinds open to allow as much light in as possible.

Disappear before the inspection begins

The last thing you want is for potential buyers to feel like they are being watched while they look through a property. By making yourself scarce on inspection day, buyers can feel comfortable inspecting the property at their own pace.