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Selling your house is a big decision but it’s only the first in a series of decisions you will be making when the contract of sale is drafted by your solicitor or conveyancer.

Inclusions in the Contract of Sale

You will need to consider what inclusions will become part of that contract of sale. While many fixtures and fittings are considered ‘general inclusions’, it really is up to you as to what will ultimately be included or excluded in the purchase and sale agreement. Be mindful that certain inclusions will be a draw card for buyers.

Things to consider may include curtains, blinds and awnings. These are generally tailored for the home, window or room, so are often part of the contract of sale. Carpets and other floor coverings, except in the case of rugs, are also familiar inclusions. Heaters, air conditioning and ceiling fans are generally fixed appliances, however, portable units will probably be taken with you when you sell. Light fittings are predictable items to include on the purchase contract as removal of these can be costly. If the television aerial has been an addition for something like pay TV, it is worth taking with you. Refrigerator, freezer and washing-machine are not traditionally left in the home; however, if they have been specifically installed to suit a space, it may be easier to leave them. And finally, outside the home, items such as the clothesline, above ground pool and even large pot plants, are all items that must be considered.

If you are unsure what to include, ask your sales agent for advice or even an example of a contract of sale, so you can consider all options. When you are confident of what stays and what you will take with you, advise your solicitor/conveyancer so your wishes are included in the contract of sale agreement.