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Man caves are currently all the rage – whether it’s the spare room, a garage space or the shed – and can add value to your home. Just don’t go overboard!

If you're in a picky real estate market, or want an edge on the competition, then a home with a few added extras is sure to have more appeal to buyers. After all what's not to love about a house that comes with its own playroom, walk in robe, internal store room or home office space?

One optional extra that's really taken off in recent times is the man cave. "For more and more of my younger couples, having a man cave is definitely on their radar," says real estate agent Doris Ghitelman. "More men are saying they need not only family time, but their own personal time as well. The space could be anywhere such as a finished attic or back of a deep garage."

So having a dedicated place to pursue personal interests like video games or sports may actually improve your home's resale value and give it that extra wow factor, especially if your market is primarily a younger sector.

However, most importantly, when creating a man cave if you are truly looking to add value, then it's not wise to go overboard with the décor or design. By all means you can accessorise along the lines of say a sporting a theme. But understand that you may end up selling your place to a single mum who may prefer to use the converted area as a playroom - or a woman cave - and doesn't necessarily want to look at walls painted in the blue and yellow colours of the West Coast Eagles!

5 tips for a successful man cave

  1. Tip 1. Choose a masculine theme and colours for accents

    First paint the walls a neutral colour. If white's too boring, then go for a shade of grey. A theme or two should be chosen that's close to a bloke's heart such as cars, music or sport.

    You can then dress up the area with accessories such as pictures, artwork, ornaments and memorabilia that relate to this. Men usually gravitate towards darker colours, so accents in shades of dark blue, grey and brown along with wood, leather, stone and metal will fit the bill perfectly.

  2. Tip 2. Make sure there's good storage

    A handy storage cabinet or two will go a long way in a man cave. It's somewhere for dad to dump stuff when he can't figure out where else to put it! Here men can store things like barbecuing items, spare clothes, games, snacks and other knickknacks to keep the room neat. There are lots of interesting cabinets on the market – one in a dark wood finish would be ideal.

  3. Tip 3. Create some kind of bar area

    So it's safe to assume there'll probably be some drinking going on in a man cave, which means getting a bar/lounging area together. Choose a comfortable couch in easy-wipe leather and position it in front of (what else) a large screen TV. Arrange some other chairs around it to create a speaking zone for guests. Dot around a few side tables to rest glasses and plates on.

    A built-in bar will always be a winner with any man's mates, but take into consideration just how easy or not it will be to rip out if you decide to sell. If you don't feel it's a good idea, then mini-bar fridge to stash an ever-ready liquor supply and a drinks cart will still go a long way!

  4. Tip 4. Install shelves to reflect hobbies

    In any man cave there should be shelves. These should primarily show off the person's interest or hobby. So if you're into travel, football or fishing, then the shelves should be dotted with items that relate to this to create a talking point. Installing a few good shelves is also good idea for resale value as it will benefit any room, no matter what it's used for.

  5. Tip 5. Sound proof the room

    Consider soundproofing the room. This is also a good selling point if a buyer wants to use the space as a kids' area. Install cladding into walls and ceilings or add carpet and seal up any draft gaps. The TV will no doubt be blaring at top volume on grand final day!

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