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With the Easter, Anzac Day and the school holidays all falling around the same time, you may be thinking about how to take advantage of the extra days off.

However, what can start out as a simple long weekend can quickly turn into a headache if you don’t plan ahead.

Book in advance

Unfortunately, public holidays often mean peak holiday surcharges and many companies take advantage of those who make last minute decisions to travel. Things such as accommodation, rental cars, event tickets, transportation, petrol and more are usually cheaper if you book or pay ahead of time.

Even everyday purchases such as food and drinks can have a higher price tag at tourist hot spots, so if you are able to plan your day ahead of time, you can head to the supermarket before hand and save quite a bit of money.

Drive Smart

If you are going to be driving over the Easter break then make sure that you’ve got some apps to help get you there faster.

Live Traffic NSW provides up-to-the minute news of incidents and conditions that affect your journey in Sydney and Regional NSW. It’s a must have if you’ve got to travel on the M1!

Google maps now offers live traffic updates across many cities on the east coast of Australia. It shows events that may affect travel times as well as accidents, definitely worth a look and chances are it’s already on your phone.


Before you fill up, be sure to check out motormouth to make sure you’re not paying too much for petrol.

There’s an app that you can add to your phone or you just use the website. Unfortunately it only seems to work for cities, not regional areas.

Look for free activities

It can be hard to keep kids entertained during the holidays and the cost of going to different theme parks, shows and special events can add up. By doing a little research online or by visiting your local council website to find free Easter and school holiday activities available in your area.

Avoid holiday knick knacks

You may like to buy something special to remember your trip away, but how many key chains, bottle openers and other memorabilia do you have stashed away in the back of your cupboard that you used for a month and now no longer want?

Before you away on holidays, think about what sort of things you want as well as any gifts for family and friends.