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Beautiful alternatives to store-bought wrapping paper that won't end up in landfill

For many of us, ripping off the paper to see what’s inside a gift is half the fun of Christmas – but have you ever wondered about where all the paper, sticky tape and ribbon goes after the big day?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is typically straight to landfill.

Here are a few simple alternatives to store bought gift wrapping that are recyclable, reusable or can be upcycled and still give you that Christmas thrill of unwrapping a special gift.

Fabric gift wrap

  • Take inspiration from the Japanese art of 'furoshiki' which uses fabric to create a package that is both lovely to look at and completely covered. You can use leftover pieces of fabric, old pillowcases or shirts or get inexpensive pieces like tea-towels, scarves or place mats and make them part of your gift. They can be pinned, knotted or tied with a ribbon to be cute and eco-friendly!

Brown paper can make a stylish and earthy look and feel

Brown paper

  • Brown paper is completely recyclable; making it a perfect alternative to traditional wrapping that is not. Brown paper is a simple and personalised way to wrap your gifts. Use coloured ribbons or string to create stunning designs, or make it funky with pom poms. Just remember to save the ribbon after the gift is opened to use next time!

Not only good for the environment, reusing old newspapers looks great too

Upcycled materials

  • Newspapers, maps and old calendars can be a great alternative to traditional wrapping. Finish it off with some twine tied in a bow and your gifts are ready to be enjoyed!

Filling up a jar with goodies can be two presents in one

Mason jars

  • Gifts such as homemade candles, cookies, lollies and other small items can look lovely presented in a large mason jar. Tie it with a ribbon and a label and hey presto - you’ve got a lovely handmade gift in a reusable container.

Sheet music is the perfect wrap for the musician in your life

Sheet music/book pages

  • If you have a musician or an avid reader on your gifting list, this is an awesome way to reuse old books or sheet music to create a truly personal design. Use their favourite song or book or just something you have around the house or at a local antique store to make memorable wrapping we are sure they will want to keep forever!

Have you tried these? Or do you have your own unique way of wrapping gifts? Let us know in the comments below.

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