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Forget the man cave – woman caves are becoming just as hot. Whether it’s an area of the home, or a shed in the backyard, here’s how to carve out a cosy nook.

Women are often the busiest members of the household, and could no doubt use a private space to unwind, yet it seems men are often the lucky ones who wind up with the private caves.

Happily, this seems to be changing with the growing popularity of woman caves inside the home. However, with space at a premium for many people, there’s now another option – the she shed.

Aussie business She Shedz provide sheds specifically for this purpose. The timber sheds are waterproof and measure around 9sqm with the aim of "creating happiness, joy and inspiration". They add that for most places, council consents aren’t required for buildings under 10sqm although it’s still a good idea to check first.

Inside your house if you are able to carve out a great nook, then this could also add value to your home if you decide to sell. Real estate experts say private caves of some sort are now more on the radar of buyers, with people looking to maximise every possible space in the home.

Above image courtesy of Lowe's via The Sun.

Great tips for creating a relaxing space

  1. 1) Find the right space first

    The spare room: There may be a tussle as to whether this becomes a man cave, woman cave or a rumpus room. If it’s declared a woman-only zone, make it as user-friendly as possible with easy chair, book shelf and inspirational wall art.

    The walk-in wardrobe: Unless this is bursting with a mountain of clothes, the space could be cleared somewhat to create a cosy nook. Even if it’s just a comfy chair with a side table or small desk, it’s better than nothing!

    The garage: So it’s probably not the hideaway of any woman’s dreams, and may require sharing space with a car, but the garage could still be an option if you put down nice rugs in an area with some kind of divider from any storage items.

    The shed: Either renovate an existing shed or install a new one in the garden for the ultimate nest. If there’s no electricity available, invest in some battery powered lighting.

    The cosy corner: Is there an area on the landing, a corner of your bedroom or a place under the staircase that you could nab? Sometimes with just a little re-arranging you can carve out the perfect nook.

  2. 2) Create a relaxed atmosphere

    If you have a reasonably sized area to play with, then go for a fresh coat of paint in either crisp white or a colour like duck egg blue or soft grey to create a relaxing backdrop. The most comforting woman caves are ones that create a soothing aura. So hang wall art with inspirational quotes or pictures of relaxing scenes to set the mood. Lamps emitting warm light, scented candles, and a device to play music are great additions. Also use the space to indulge your hobbies - include a yoga mat or easel for painting. Or if it’s just a place to curl up with a good book, then an area for making tea or a filled wine rack won’t go astray either!

  3. 3) Make it comfortable

    Install the most super-comfy chairs or lounge you can find. Remember this is a place for you to unwind. If you have the space a couch with lots of pillows, soft linens and a warm throw will really help you get into relaxation mode.

  4. 4) Bring in a small table or desk

    If you’re wanting to use your space as a place for hobbies or to catch up on some work, then you’ll need a flat surface. However, don’t clutter up the space like you would your office desk, keep it tidy and fresh with a vase of flowers and maybe a special pen or pretty notebooks. This area should spark joy – not dread!

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