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Even if you don’t qualify for a State Custodians home loan, we can find you a suitable bank home loan as an alternative option.

 So, although you may not have a State Custodians loan, you can still benefit from our state of the art services.

Here are some examples of instances where State Custodians has recommended bank home loans to some of its clients.

  1. An unusual security property is being used, such as a rural property or studio apartment.
  2. Income or serviceability may not meet State Custodians requirements however fits the requirements of bank home loans.
  3. The borrower may not qualify on a particular credit policy such as a retiree or a non complying visa.
  4. A bank home loan may offer leniency on a particular policy at that particular time.  

The best of both worlds is what we offer at State Custodians.

In the event that alternative funding is required, such as those listed above, we can assist by placing your loan with an appropriate lender. The most important thing to remember is that you will still be a State Custodians client, it is just that you may have a bank home loan. 

So give one of our Credit Managers a call on 13 72 62.